End of CM Reporting Period: Review and Sign-off

Will I still have access to my CM log if I have not fulfilled my requirements by December 31? And what will it look like?

If you were unable to complete the 32 CM credits — including ethics and law requirements — prior to the end of the reporting period, you will still have access to your 2012-2013 log during the grace period. The end of the grace period is April 30, 2014.

During the grace period you may continue to earn and log CM credits to fulfill your requirements.

Here is how your CM Log will appear:

CM log without all 32 credits

What happens to my CM log on January 1 if I have completed my requirements during the reporting period?

You will have the opportunity to review your final tally of 2012–13 CM credits before we close your reporting period and process carry-over credits.

Please check your CM log in January — or, if you're in the grace period ending April 30, as soon as you have logged all the necessary credits for 2012–13 — to review and sign off so that you can begin logging credits for 2014–15.

Here is how the review and sign-off will appear on your CM log.


Review your final tally of CM credits then click the red "Continue to Close 2012-2013" button, which will look like this on your log page:

CM log ready to be closed


Review and Close Your 2012-2013 CM Reporting Period

Read the review confirmation statement on the page, and put a check mark in the box next to it.

After you click the yellow "Close 2012-2013" button (see image below), all credits listed in your log will be archived. Any rollover credits will be added to 2014-2015.

After clicking the "Close 2012-2013" button, you will not be able to make additional changes to your 2012-2013 credits.

CM log with all credits and not yet closed