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Project Planning for Permit Integration

Katrina T. Hardt-Holoch, AICP

Think this was one of the best seminars I've attended. Good and knowledgeable speakers.
CEQA Update, Issues and Trends

Steve Stewart, AICP

Course provided updates on relevant issues and was taught in a style that blends humor with law!
Sustainability and the Built Environment

Patrick J. Lynch, AICP

Endangered Species Regulation and Protection

Chris Thomas, AICP

Very well-done workshop but perhaps too much material to fit into one day.
Introduction to Mediation, Facilitation and Community Engagement

Stacy S. Radine Bradley, AICP

Great class! Mary is an excellent professor and the class was very engaging.
Practical Guide to Updating the General Plan

Jenny A. Brekhus, AICP

Establishing Boundaries, Shaping the Future: A LAFCo Symposium

Terry Jean Farris, AICP

This was an exemplary class which was well organized, loaded with interdisciplinary panels and cutting edge speakers. Speakers covered the gamut from a factual historical foundation of Lafco's to current political trends on several topics.
Establishing Boundaries, Shaping the Future: A LAFCo Symposium

Tiffany Ann Wilson, AICP

Discussed the shortcomings of LAFCo and the roles LAFCo plays in shaping new Cities.
Establishing Boundaries, Shaping the Future: A LAFCo Symposium

David E. Fey, AICP

The Intersection Between Transportation and Land Use

Ronald T. Milam, AICP

Mitigation and Conservation Banking

Elizabeth C. Copley, AICP

Very full day with excellent relevant material.
Sustainable Planning, Environmental Site Design and Development

Paula Bradley, AICP

Course was excellent, a lot of work
Groundwater Law and Hydrology

Norman L. Allinder, AICP

Excellent course for those that are involved with groundwater.
Land Use & Environmental Planning & Policy Update by OPR/HCD An Overview of Water Law & Policy in California

Ginger C. White, AICP

Great! Good speakers with good, well thought out presentations. Very informative and comprehensible presentations of complex subjects.
Financial Aspects of Planning

Steve Stewart, AICP

I highly recommend this course. The instructor had excellent hands-on experience and a teaching style that enabled understanding of the complex subject.
Design Tools for Non-Design Professionals

Elizabeth B. Anderson, AICP

The instructors provided valuable tools for planning publications and presentations.
Design Tools for Non-Design Professionals

Celia McAdam, AICP

Really good, practical information to use Adobe Creative Suite to make planning documents more appealing and readable to both electeds and the general public.
Vested Rights, Vesting Maps and Development Agreements

David E. Miller, AICP

Very informative class. Helped update my knowledge as a practitioner.
Vested Rights, Vesting Maps and Development Agreements

Joan A. Walter, AICP

GIS for Resource Managers and Professionals

Dan Dawson, AICP

Great course. Lots of information in two days but presented in logical progression to maximize learning and application. Though targeted for resource folks the lessons are applicable to a variety of GIS tasks and specialties.