2009 Virtual Conference Sessions

Virtual Conference Sessions (formerly Digital Capture) allow you to experience sessions from the APA's 2009 National Planning Conference in Minneapolis and earn Certification Maintenance (CM) credits.

What are Virtual Conference Sessions?

In Virtual Conference Sessions, PowerPoint presentations are synced with audio from 2009 National Planning Conference sessions for viewing online.

NOTE: Virtual Conference Sessions were formerly called "Digital Capture." This page was updated on March 2, 2010, to reflect the revised product name.

How are Virtual Conference Sessions Accessed?

First, download the full list of conference events available as virtual conference sessions and read complete descriptions of session content. Sort the list by function code, date and time of session, or session title.

When you have decided on the sessions that you want to purchase, visit https://cms.psavcns.com/library/APA, and search for the sessions by viewing them in the site's alphabetical listing.

Then purchase access, and view them at the same website. Purchase a single session for $40, or purchase access to the entire set of files for only $995.

Virtual Conference Sessions and Certification Maintenance (CM)

AICP members may earn CM credits by viewing virtual conference sessions. If a session qualified for CM credit in Minneapolis, then it will also qualify as a virtual conference session. Here's how to get credit.

You may wish to print out these instructions before beginning:

  1. View PowerPoint synced with audio from conference sessions at https://cms.psavcns.com/library/APA
  2. Complete an acquisition of content survey at the conclusion: http://survey.planning.org/apaevaluation.htm 
  3. Visit the CM website to claim credits
    • Login using your APA ID# and password.
    • Select "My CM Log" from the menu at left.
    • Select "Add Credits from Calendar".
    • From the CM Activities page, click on the browse option "Distance Education."
    • Type Digital Capture 2009 into the search box and click Go.
    • Scroll through the list to find the session you would like to add and click the title to get a pop-up box. NOTE: Pay special attention to the "available through" dates so that you select the date that corresponds with when you completed the activity.
    • Please rate, add a comment (optional), and click on the Ethics statement and answer, before hitting SUBMIT.
    • Use the above instructions for each APA virtual conference session you would like to add to your log.

Important Details About CM Credit

  • From the CM activities page, select browse by "Distance Education" to make certain that you record credits for the distance education product and not the live event.
  • Only the individual who purchased access to the virtual sessions site is eligible to claim CM credit.
  • Access is purchased for single use only.
  • You must complete the acquisition of content survey at the conclusion of the session to claim your credit.

CM Law Requirements

Virtual Conference Sessions include sessions that will help fulfill CM's Law requirements:

  • The session "APA in the Courts" offers 1.5 Law credits.
  • The three sessions, "Euclid v. Ambler Comes Alive," "In Accordance with a Plan," and "Religion, Zoning, and the Courts" are available, and each offers 1.25 Law credits.


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