March 30, 2012


The American Planning Association's (APA) publications explore all aspects of planning, offering best practices, innovations, and case studies.


APA produces several blogs that address current topics that impact the planning profession. Current blogs include Reimagine Los Angeles, Policy News for Planners, Sustaining Places, Recovery News, and Kids' Planning Toolbox.

Planners Press & APA

Planners Press is an imprint of APA. The service publishes approximately six books a year that focus on the tools and trends of the planning field. Recent publications include The High Cost of Free Parking [Paperback edition] by Donald Shoup, faicp; Neighbors & Neighborhoods by Sidney Brower; Megapolitan America by Arthur C. Nelson, faicp, and Robert Lang; Lasting Value by Rick Pruetz, faicp; Making Community Design Work by Umut Toker; and Planning Los Angeles edited by David C. Sloane.

APA carries publications that cover a wide perspective of planning, offering hundreds of books from Planners Press and other publishers. The service also sells reports and training materials.

Planning magazine

The magazine is published 10 times a year and explores innovative planning programs and techniques that are reshaping America's communities. Special issues focus on transportation, technology and the environment.

Planning & Environmental Law

This monthly publication distills the latest court decisions and legislation. Every issue contains detailed abstracts of the most important new state and federal court decisions related to planning.

Zoning Practice

The monthly publication provides guidance in the creation and administration of smart development codes. It monitors all the latest trends in local land-use controls and provides current news and ordinance excerpts.

Planning Advisory Service (PAS) Reports

Published four times a year, PAS Reports analyze current practice, offer practical advice and include real-world examples. Recent publications include Accessing Sustainability: A Guide for Local Governments by Wayne Feiden, faicp, and Elisabeth Hamin; Planning for Wind Energy edited by Suzanne Rynne, aicp, Larry Flowers, Eric Lantz, and Erica Heller, aicp; Sustaining Places: The Role of the Comprehensive Plan by David Godschalk, faicp, and William Anderson, faicp; and Cities in Transition: A Guide for Practicing Planners by Joseph Schilling and Alan Mallach, faicp.

Journal of the American Planning Association (JAPA)

Published quarterly, JAPA explores the current research on planning and urban development.

The Commissioner

Published for the planning commissioner. The quarterly publication features practical tools and techniques, profiles planning commissions and explores historical planning developments.

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