April 10, 2013

Media Briefing Advisory

What Kansas City and Other Cities Are Doing to Reuse Closed Schools

CHICAGO — Finding new uses for shuttered public schools is a growing challenge for more than a dozen cities including Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Kansas City where, according to the Pew Charitable Trusts, hundreds of public schools have been closed during the past few years.

Efforts to reuse or redevelop 30 school properties in Kansas City have been underway for more than a year and have resulted in several public-private partnerships including conversions of the schools into affordable housing, community centers and other uses.

Finding solutions for the schools that are compatible with community goals and neighboring properties can be difficult and remains a challenge given the 300 closed schools still on the market and additional closings expected during the coming years.


Exclusive media briefing audio conference call with two experts involved with the closed schools issue at the national and local levels who will lead a presentation about the topic at the world's largest event for urban planners, the American Planning Association's 2013 National Planning Conference (April 13-17, Chicago).


Emily Dowdall, Senior Associate, Pew Charitable Trusts

Shannon Jaax, AICP, Director, Kansas City Public Schools Repurposing Initiative


Monday, April 15; 11-11:30 AM Eastern; 10-10:30 AM Central; 9-9:30 AM Mountain; 8-8:30 AM Pacific. The 30-minute call includes 15 minutes of remarks followed by Q&A.


U.S./Canada Dial-in #:  800-482-8912
Provide operator with Conference ID #:  34024190


Denny Johnson, APA Public Affairs; djohnson@planning.org; 202-349-1006

From April 12-17, call 312-239-4834 or 312-239-4835