Academic Planners

APA's National Planning Conference is the ideal place to connect with colleagues, hear planning case studies from the field, and make contact with collaborating partners.

Whether you focus on sustainable communities, affordable housing, public engagement, transportation systems, or countless other areas of planning, you'll come away informed and inspired. Don't miss this unrivaled opportunity to advance your ideas while you advance the planning profession.


Academic and Community Collaborative Curriculum

Saturday, April 26
4–5:15 p.m.

Learn about strategies for making community organizations part of planning classes. Do community organizations have a place in the planning curriculum? The University of New Mexico and Florida State University think so. They've made collaboration with community members a part of their planning classes. Learn about their successful strategies for addressing today's crucial planning problems while developing tomorrow's urban planners.

Academic Planner and APA Leadership Networking Event

Sunday, April 27
9:30–10:30 a.m.

Meet APA leaders and colleagues for an informal breakfast snack and discussion.

Research Day: Planning Research That Matters

Sunday, April 27

One-day rate available on-site for academics.

Academics and planning practice meet up at APA's Research Day. Come to a full-day forum that brings together fresh findings from some of leading minds in the field. Presentations highlight recent articles, books, and published studies with immediate application to planning practice. What you learn in one day will have a huge impact on what you do tomorrow. Topics include:

Planning Research Centers Discussion

Monday, April 28
9–10:15 a.m.

Talk about current and potential studies with planners from academic and APA research centers.

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