Student Assistant Program

Are you a student interested in working as a student assistant at the APA National Planning Conference? Students who work 8 hours at the conference earn $100 while networking with practicing planners, working with APA staff, and meeting other students.

Application deadline: February 27, 2014

The Details

Students must be registered for the conference at the time they apply to be an assistant and must be student members of APA. Students who complete an application, but are not registered for the conference at the time assignments are made, will not be considered. Student assistants are paid on site, upon completion of 8 hours of work.

Students must be available to work the full 8 hours in one shift, but APA reserves the right to schedule multiple shifts for an assistant should it be necessary. All 8-hour shifts are scheduled to include a one-hour break for lunch, not included in the 8-hour total. If you cannot work your assigned shift, you forfeit the opportunity to participate in the assistant program.

After the application deadline has passed you will be notified by e-mail, between March 6 and March 13, of your status as a student assistant. All applications are reviewed and assigned in the order they are received, based on availability. APA receives more applications than it can use, so register and apply early to improve your chances.