Request for Qualifications

Outdoor Recreation and Economic Restructuring Plan

Town of Damascus

Damascus, VA

Posted: 10/24/2013
Submittal Deadline: 11/15/2013


The Town of Damascus, Virginia is accepting qualifications from consulting firms to create an economic restructuring plan that focuses on business enterprise development, outdoor recreation, cyclical economy solutions, and downtown revitalization that derives from an Appalachian, mountain, asset-based economy. The study is expected to take place from February 15- May 15, 2014, with a report completed by June 1, 2014. This project is one of many potential projects of this kind in a 19-county, southwest Virginia region.

Qualifications will be accepted until noon, Wednesday, November 15, 2013 at P.O. Drawer 576, Damascus, VA 24236. Each consultant must submit six print copies and one digital (pdf) copy to Aaron Sizemore. Questions about the Request for Qualifications will be accepted by email until noon, November 1, 2013. Answers to all questions will be emailed by November 5, 2013. Interviews for short-listed consultants will take place during the week of December 2, 2013, either in-person or by video conference. Please contact Aaron Sizemore at with any additional questions about the RFQ

The Goals to be met by the plan during the implementation stage are as follows.
1. Identify assets within a twenty-mile footprint that enhance and connect to Damascus’ downtown area and its brand.
2. Analyze local and regional outdoor recreation and supporting industries to identify opportunities that expand and cross-promote the Town as a year-round, rather than seasonal, destination.
3. Analyze and identify root causes of the existing seasonal nature of the local economy and provide recommendations to overcome such factors.
4. Identify and define the Town’s target demographic to later inform local/regional outdoor recreation marketing and business development efforts.
5. Develop economic recommendations that result in new, vibrant businesses occupying vacant, downtown properties that contribute to the Town’s unique brand.
6. Increase annual number of visitors to the Town while increasing overnight visitor capacity, frequency, and duration of stay.
7. Identify investment opportunities for worthwhile improvements in the Town’s physical appearance that enhance the diversity of visitor experiences and residents’ quality of life.
8. Improve connectivity, collaboration, and communication among established and future businesses.
9. Establish community-wide support to the Town’s vision through various community branding and identity development strategies.
10. Develop a schematic plan that resolves the present cyclical economy by creating outdoor recreation opportunities and business enterprise development in the Town.

Please submit your qualifications as they pertain to the overall request and the goals outlined above in the following format.
1. Introduction/History – no more than one page narrative
2. Mission statement and general information about office – no more than two pages of narrative
3. Synopsis of three past successful projects/ including contact point with the locality. Projects of particular interest include downtown revitalization, outdoor recreation infrastructure, and business enterprise development. – no more than three pages per project.
4. Sample work plan and associated budget that satisfies goals comparable to the ones outlined above.
5. Resumés of staff to be specifically assigned to this project – no more than two pages per person.