Request for Qualifications

Community & Economic Development Services

City of Bradenton Central Community Redevelopment Agency

Bradenton, FL

Posted: 10/08/2012
Submittal Deadline: 11/08/2012


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Section A: Information to Proposers

The Central Community Redevelopment Agency (CCRA) is seeking entities with national experience in economic and community development, to provide economic and community development technical and consulting services for the agency and a local coalition of economic development non-profits and governments.

A community redevelopment area of the City of Bradenton, the CCRA was created in 2000 under the authority of sections 163.330-163.45 of the Florida Statutes and funded by Tax Increment Financing (TIF) revenue as a special taxing district of the City of Bradenton. Charged with the redevelopment of a district designated as neglected and blighted, this designation provides the CCRA a dedicated funding source to support targeted economic development projects and allows the CCRA to leverage outside funds to expand the reach of the TIF revenue.

The CCRA and partner agencies have invested over $1.4 million in three street improvement projects in the major corridors of the redevelopment district. The three largest non-governmental employers (Tropicana Products with 1,600 employees, Bealls Inc, with 1,550 employees, and Manatee Memorial Hospital with 1,500 employees) are within walking distance. The main administration buildings for the City of Bradenton and Manatee County Government are than a mile and a half away district boundaries, with both entities drawing a large number of their 1,950 and 550 employees, respectively to these locations, as well as constituents. A new green-certified elementary school opened in August 2009 less than a mile from the site on 13th Avenue W. The astonishingly successful 160 unit Hope VI housing development sits in the shadow of the site, with new phases of the project continually under development. The US 301 corridor in the heart of the district has an AADT of 61,000 , providing opportunities for franchise retail on this corridor. The Martin Luther King Avenue Corridor is ideal for the redevelopment of a small business corridor.

Commercial development, job creation, and business attraction have all been identified as Master Plan Objectives for the CCRA to pursue. Thus, this RFQ is intended to assist the CCRA in the pursuit of these objectives.

Scope of Requested Services Includes:

1. Assistance with design, implementation, and monitoring of economic development plan
2. Financial structuring of development projects and economic development programming
3. Real estate financial analysis of specific projects
4. Packaging of federal, state, and local resources for real projects in the agency pipeline:

a) Enterprise Center
b) Replacement Housing – Affordable Rental Units
c) MLK Gateway Project (housing or mixed use project)
d) Joint EDA application with multiple jurisdictions

5. Writing, preparation, and packaging of grants to major foundations, both public and private

Requested Deliverables

1. Development of a strategy for the implementation of economic development projects
2. Submission of applications for specific project funding opportunities

Project Budget

Proposals greater than $50,000 are not likely to be selected. Proposals should include hourly rates for tasks and roles of project team members.

Section B: Format of Proposals

All proposals must include:

1. Examples of successful work (40 points)
2. References / list of municipal clients (20 points)
3. List of specialty services provided (40 points)

Proposals will be ranked on the information provided in response to these points. Evaluation of these criteria will be awarded based on City of Bradenton Ordinance Section 2-237, with particular attention to the language that requires City agencies to contract with the “lowest responsible bidder” who has “the ability, capacity and skill of the bidder to perform the contract or provide the service required; and the “the character, integrity, reputation, judgment, experience and efficiency” to perform the scope of services described above.

Evaluation factors are price and perceived ability of the respondent to perform the Scope of Services and Deliverables as stated in this Request For Qualifications in the most timely and efficient manner, and the proposals which will overall best meet the needs of the CCRA as determined from the responses to this RFQ and subsequent investigation by the CCRA.

The City reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all proposals, to waive irregularities and technicalities, and to request resubmission. Any sole response received by the first submission date may or may not be rejected by the City, depending on available competition and current needs of the City. The City reserves the right to award the contract to a responsible proposer submitting a responsive proposal, with a resulting negotiated agreement which is most advantageous and in the best interests of the City. The City shall be the sole judge of the proposal, and the resulting negotiated agreement that is in its best interest and its decision shall be final. Also, the City reserves the right to make such investigation as it deems necessary to determine the ability of any proposer to perform the work or service requested. Information the City deems necessary to make this determination shall be provided by the proposer. Such information may include, but shall not be limited to: current financial statements prepared by an independent CPA; verification of availability of equipment and personnel; and past performance records.

Section C: Submission Process

Any questions or clarifications about the proposal shall be directed to the CCRA in writing and the questions and responses will be made available to all respondents.

Submissions should be marked “RFQ for Economic Development Consulting.” Proposals received after 11:59 AM on November 8, 2012 will not be considered.

Four sealed copies of the proposal must be submitted to:

Timothy Polk, Executive Director
Central Community Redevelopment Agency
302 Manatee Avenue E, Suite 301
Bradenton, FL 34208
(941) 932-9407

Upon receipt, responses become "Public Records" and shall be subject to public disclosure consistent with Chapter 119, Florida Statutes.

By offering a submission to this Request for Proposal the proposer certifies the proposer has not divulged to, discussed or compared his proposal with other proposers and has not colluded with any other proposer or parties to this proposal whatsoever. Also, proposer certifies, and in the case of a joint proposal, each party thereto certifies, as to their own organization that in connection with this proposal:

a. any prices and/or data submitted have been arrived at independently, without consultation, communication or agreement, for the purpose of restricting competition as to any matter relating to such prices and/or cost data, with any other proposer or with any competitor;
b. any prices and/or cost data quoted for this proposal have not been knowingly disclosed by the proposer prior to the scheduled opening directly or indirectly to any other proposer or to any competitor;
c. no attempt has been made or will be made by the proposer to induce any other person or firm to submit or not to submit a proposal for the purpose of restricting competition;
d. the only person or persons interested in this proposal as principal or principals is/are named therein and that no person other than therein mentioned has any interest in this proposal or in the contract potentially to be entered into;
e. no person or agency has been employed or retained to solicit or secure this contract upon an agreement or understanding for a commission, percentage, brokerage, or contingent fee, excepting bona fide employees or established commercial agencies maintained by the proposer for the purpose of doing business.

Section D: Negotiation of the Agreement

The estimated project timeline is as follows:

October 8, 2012 — RFQ Issued
November 8, 2012 — Response Deadline – 12:00 PM
November 29, 2012 — Notice of Selection / Non-Selection
December 16, 2012 — Board Approval of Selection
December 16, 2012 — January 10, 2013 – Contract Negotiation
January 14, 2013 — Notice to Commence

Firms responding to this RFQ shall be available for presentation/interviews, to a Selection Committee and/or CCRA personnel upon notification from the CCRA of the time and date determined by the CCRA. The respondents whose ability and proposals are determined to be the most advantageous to the CCRA, taking into consideration the evaluation factors set forth in this RFQ, shall be recommended to the CCRA Board for authorization to negotiate agreements for the stated Scope Of Services. Award of an agreement is subject to the successful negotiations and the approval of the CCRA Board of Directors.