APA Diversity Task Force of Membership

Appointed in Spring 2005, the Diversity Task Force of the APA Membership Committee is charged with developing implementable ideas to increase the diversity of the membership. In addition, the subcommittee is responsible for providing insight into effective outreach strategies to diverse audiences. The subcommittee issued their annual report to the board at the 2007 APA National Planning Conference in Philadelphia.

Diversity Task Force of Membership Committee's 2007 report

Diversity Task Force


Angela D. Brooks, AICP

Task Force Members

Linda Amato, AICP
Jeanette Dinwiddie-Moore, FAICP
Jennifer S. Erickson
Ramond A. Robinson
Zunilda Rodriguez, AICP
Nicole J. Thompson
Elizabeth Tyler, FAICP
Monica Villalobos
Jeffrey Albert Wilkerson, AICP

Contact the APA Diversity Task Force of Membership: diversity@planning.org

APA Social Relevance Task Force

APA President David Siegel, AICP appointed the Social Relevance Task Force in September 2005. The Social Relevance Task Force's charge is to identify and investigate opportunities to forge strategic partnerships which will result in increased participation in planning policy and local planning processes by underserved populations and persons of color.

Read the initial report to the Board 2006