Get a Free Year in APA's Early Career Program!

Since 2004, APA has provided a free year of membership to more than 21,000 students in North American planning programs. You may be eligible for a free year too!

Who is eligible for a free year?

You're eligible for a free year in APA's Early Career Program if you:

Even if you don't meet all these criteria, you may be eligible to get started in the Early Career Program as a student member for only $50.

If the Early Career Program isn't for you, APA would welcome you as a regular member!

Why sign up?

This free year of APA membership is the first step in our Early Career Program and into the world of day-to-day planning. You'll have many opportunities to connect with practicing planners. You'll get must-read professional publications, special deals on events, access to exclusive career services, and much more:

These benefits and many more are yours, free! For complete details about APA's Early Career Program and the free membership year, read the FAQ.

How can I sign up?

The APA program administrator at your school manages enrollment. He or she will ask you to complete and return a brief APA membership application and use the information you provide to enroll you in APA. Enrollment for the Fall 2013 semester begins August 23 and ends September 26.

APA will notify you when you're officially enrolled and your membership benefits will start right away. Your free year of membership will end on December 31, 2014.