New Projects at the APA Library

To serve you better, the APA Library has embarked on several new projects.

APA Publications Abstracts Now Available in Library Catalog

Looking for an issue of Zoning Practice on a specific topic? You can now use the APA Library catalog to search for articles in APA publications, including Planning magazine, Planning & Environmental Law, Zoning Practice, PAS Memo, PAS QuickNotes, PAS Reports, Practicing Planner, and more.

  • To choose a specific title, select APA Publications in the first dropdown.
  • To browse the abstracts, click on "Show Search Options," and limit the search to APA Publications Database.

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More New Projects

  • We have launched a library catalog that will interface smoothly with the website and allow for more refined searches by subject, publication date, ISBN, and more. All users may search the catalog from work, home, or any web-connected computer.
  • The RSS feed New Books at the APA Library keeps you up to date on new acquisitions.

Please contact the librarian at to ask a question, schedule a tour, or plan a research appointment. Comments or suggestions about how to improve the library are welcome.