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Derek Paulsen

Derek Paulsen

Crime and PlanningCrime and Planning

Most planners agree that the built environment can aid criminal activity or obstruct it. But few address community crime effectively in their plans. Why the disconnect?

John Forester

John Forester

Planning in the Face of ConflictPlanning in the Face of Conflict

How can planners take conflicted communities from passionate demands to practical solutions? Facilitative leadership offers helpful answers.

Umut Toker

Umut Toker

Making Community Design WorkMaking Community Design Work

Making Community Design Work helps planners navigate the process of creating environments that meet the needs of the people they serve.

Planning Los AngelesNew and Notable

Planning Chicago

D. Bradford Hunt and Jon B. DeVries, AICP

In Planning Chicago, Hunt and DeVries tell the real stories of the planners, politicians, and everyday people who shaped contemporary Chicago, starting in 1958, early in the Richard J. Daley era. Over the ensuing decades, planning did much to develop the Loop, protect Chicago's famous lakefront, and encourage industrial growth and neighborhood development in the face of national trends that savaged other cities. But planning also failed some of Chicago's communities and did too little for others.

Planning Chicago looks beyond Burnham's giant shadow to see the sprawl and scramble of a city always on the make. This isn't the way other history books tell the story. But it's the Chicago way.

The Planning Commissioners Guide, New Edition

The Planning Commissioners GuideC. Gregory Dale, Benjamin Herman, and Anne McBride

Across the country, communities rely on their planning commissions for guidance. But who guides the planning commissioners?

This step-by-step guidebook gets new commissioners off on the right foot and helps experienced commission members navigate their roles. The authors, all practicing planners, have worked extensively with planning commissions for decades. They have watched commissioners scramble up a steep learning curve, sit in the hot seat of controversy, and strive to make sound decisions for the places they call home.

In Motion

Tony Hiss

In MotionIn 1990 The Experience of Place created a buzz in the planning community. Its award-winning author returns to planning themes with In Motion: The Experience of Travel, now in a paperback edition from APA Planners Press.

This intriguing book starts with the idea that travel gives us "open-sesame" moments when we suddenly see even familiar surroundings with fresh eyes. The experience — Hiss calls it Deep Travel — can happen whether we're on a trek through the Khyber Pass or a trip to the mailbox. With stories of his own journeys and passages from celebrated travel writers, he makes the transcendental experience come alive.

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