The Silence of Success: A Transatlantic Comparison on Government Strategies to Grow the Electric Vehicle (EV) Market
by Benjamin Rubin and Martijn van der Steen

Planners can help grow the market for electric vehicles and address policy issues regarding EV readiness. The State of California and the Netherlands are leading the way. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

Reestablishing Nature in Existing Cities
by Peter Gisolfi and Christopher Tramutola

Cities should be green, but can existing cities be retrofit with nature? The authors provide some examples and practical tips. Read Special Feature.

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Lessons from the Motor City: Why Detroit Matters for the 21st Century World
by Brian Doucet

The author offers the world a cautionary tale of Detroit, a city without power to influence suburban or global trends of production.

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It is easy to forget how wealthy Detroit once was. In the time of Henry Ford, it was the Silicon Valley of its day.

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The Effects of Zoning and Design on Crime: Jane Jacobs Had It Backward
by James M. Anderson, John M. MacDonald, Ricky Bluthenthal, and J. Scott Ashwood

The authors test the accuracy of theories about relationships between zoning and crime, and share the results of two studies conducted in Los Angeles. Read Planning Essentials.

Richard W. Willson's Parking Reform Made Easy
by Jerry Weitz, FAICP

The editor favorably reviews Professor Willson's new book on parking reform. Read Practitioner's Bookshelf.

Index, Volume 11, Practicing Planner

A subject matter index to Volume 11 (2013). Read the 2013 Index.

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