AICP Candidate Pilot Program

The AICP Candidate Pilot Program offers qualified APA members the opportunity to start on the path to certification by taking the AICP Certification Exam prior to earning professional planning experience. This Pilot Program maintains certification requirements but changes their sequence. AICP will evaluate the Pilot Program to ensure that it meets the needs of members and planners' employers.

AICP Candidate Pilot Program Steps

Step One — Apply for the Pilot Program

Submit education verification documents; commit to the Code of Ethics; receive exam preparation tip sheet; start earning CM credits; receive optional mentoring.

Step Two — AICP Exam

Graduate; submit education verification documents; take the AICP Certification Exam. Use the "AICP Candidate" designation after passing the exam.

Step Three — Apply for AICP Membership

Earn the required years of professional planning experience; earn and record required CM credits; submit employment verification documents and essays documenting fulfillment of professional experience criteria. When essays are approved, pay AICP dues, earn the AICP credential, and join AICP.

Who Is Eligible to Participate in the Pilot?

Students and graduates of PAB-accredited programs may apply to the program.

Participants who have earned their degree may register for the next AICP exam.

When Does This Pilot Program Launch?

In November 2017, qualified members may apply to participate.

Beginning in December 2017, graduates of PAB-accredited programs may register to sit for the May 2018 AICP Certification Exam.

AICP Candidate Pilot Program Timeline

AICP Candidate Pilot Program participants have five years to earn the AICP credential. That period begins when the participant applies to the program (Step 1) and ends when their essays are approved, they pay AICP dues, and they join AICP (Step 3). Five years allow sufficient time for participants who begin as students in undergraduate-level PAB programs to complete the program.

Student: PAB Graduate Program

Graduate: PAB Program

Student: PAB Undergraduate Program

Graduate: PAB Undergraduate Program


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