AICP Candidate Pilot Program Exam Prep

It's never too early to start preparing for the AICP Certification Examination, even if you haven't graduated yet. These tips and resources will help you get ready.

Top 10 Tips

10. Become familiar with test-taking location and rules.

9. Read up on current trends in planning.

8. Learn about key court cases, people, planning terms, dates, and events, and most importantly ... the AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct!

7. Know specifics but be prepared to answer broad-based questions.

6. Remember this is an academic-type exam, not an assessment of practical expertise.

5. Take a lot of sample tests.

4. Use a variety of available resources in the About the AICP Exam and Study Resources

3. Create and use flashcards.

2. Find a study buddy and/or form a study group. Contact your PDO for details or assistance.

1. Study, study, study!

View the AICP Exam Prep Webpage and Begin Your Study Plan

This page is your primary resource for AICP Certification Exam preparation. It provides steps for creating your own study plan, links to exam preparation products and free exam prep resources, and more.

Additional Helpful Resources

AICP Exam Information and Study Resources

This document provides detailed information on the AICP Exam, including exam content, registration, and study resources.

AICP Exam Study Plan

Perform your best with these exam study tips.

AICP Exam Code of Ethics Overview

Use this overview to familiarize yourself with the sections of the Code and learn how to prepare for ethics questions.

AICP Code of Ethics Notes

Read highlights and important notes about each section of the AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

AICP Ethics Scenario and Discussion Questions

This document includes 16 scenarios, with discussion points following each. These scenarios vary in format; those towards the end are written more in the style of exam questions than those at the beginning.

Ethics Case of the Year 2016 Video

Learn about how to apply ethical principles of planning to real world scenarios in this free on-demand video.