Meet the Ambassadors

APA's Ambassador program consists of a rich network of planners from across the country with unique backgrounds and cultural experiences. Our Ambassador Spotlight takes you inside the minds of planners who use a variety of approaches to achieve the same goal: to bring knowledge of the planning process to residents in their communities.

2019 APA Ambassadors


Lady Franciscar Kassama, Madison


Rose Kelly, San Diego
Jason Martin, Corona
Christine Lan, Culver City
Ryan Shepard, Lakewood
Emily Foley, Campbell


Ashley Clark, Eagle
Melanie Sloan, Boulder


Marek Kozikowski, Berlin
Gary Anderson, Manchester


Douglas Kelly, Orlando
Alissa Torres, Orlando
Kim Glas-Castro, Palm Springs
Conroy Jacobs Sr., Palm Bay
Sarah Vitale, Saint Petersburg
Ashley Johnson, Tallahassee
Jacqueline Porter, Tallahassee


Megha Young, Alpharetta
Catherine Mercier-Bagge, Atlanta


Anuprit Minhas, Ames


Brittanii Batts, Chicago


Darla Blazey, Jasper


Paul Greeley, Olathe


Sarah Spencer, Westfield
Nadya Nilina, Boston
Ambar Johnson, Boston
Lindsay Woodson, Boston


Sha’Von Terrell, Parkville
April Smith, Baltimore


Michael Foster


Dylan Mosier, St. Louis
Cecilia Dvorak, St. Louis

New Jersey

Katelynn Wintz, Cape May Court House
Qamar Islam, Woodland Park


Marco Velotta, Las Vegas
Becky Coutinho, Henderson
Gene Pasinski, Henderson
Annamarie Smith, Henderson

New York

Sheena Kang, New York
Lizette Lewis, Syracuse
Carrem Gay, Brooklyn
R.J. Multari, Buffalo
Mary Miltimore, New York
Alda Chan, New York
Chloe Greene, New York
Michael Ahillen, New York
Angella Brown, New York


Larry Hopper, AICP, Oklahoma City


Tina Enderlein, Hollidaysburg
Claudia Ray, Philadelphia

South Carolina

Celia Boyd Myers, Anderson
Jennifer Werking North Charleston


Carlos G. Espinoza Y Sanchez, Houston
Kendra Cobbs, Plano
Michelle Queen, Carrollton
Staron Faucher, Dallas
Sarah Serpas, San Antonio
Jeewasmi Thapa, College Station
Tharani Devi Krishnakumar, Tyler
Chanelle Frazier, Houston
Caroline Eckel, Providence Village
Misaki Collins, Irving
Jennifer Pruitt-Pitts, Arlington


Meagan Booth, Holladay
Jordan Katcher, Salt Lake City


Kendra Norrell, Richmond
Mahtot Gebresselassie, Alexandria


Maren Murphy, Spokane


Hamza Medaoukhi, Raoued


Erik Stenly, Izmir

Previous Ambassadors

Thank you to our 2018 APA Ambassadors!

Ambassador Spotlight

Riverside, California

Pecha Kucha Night

Miguel Vazquez, AICP

My three goals were to conduct an Ambassador activity during National Community Planning Month, kick-start a Pecha Kucha Night in my own town, and to take advantage of a major community event that was already taking place in Riverside.

Denver, Colorado

Box City Denver

Jason Morrison, AICP

The children were invited to construct buildings/uses of their choice out of cardboard and are then are directed to the official Box City street grid. From there, they place their buildings on color-coded parcels zoned for residential, commercial, mixed use, civic, or recreational uses.

Chicago, Illinois

Blocks and Lots

Kimberly C. Porter, AICP

For my activity I used a zoning board game called Blocks and Lots, which features themes of land use, politics, and urban development. My audience was the Irving Park YMCA Leaders' Club, a teen-led group that meets regularly to improve their community and world. 

New York, New York

What Is Urban Planning?

Mary Miltimore, AICP

Our goal was to help raise the kids' awareness about what urban planning is and the impact it has on their daily lives. Most importantly, we wanted the participants to come away with the understanding that as members of the community, this is a profession and practice that is for them.