Land Economics Foundation (LEF) Seeks Research Grant Proposals

The Land Economics Foundation (LEF) of Lambda Alpha International (LAI) is seeking research grant proposals that advance the field of land economics.

Proposals are welcome from qualified individuals, schools, nonprofit organizations, and LAI chapters, and may be submitted online at

The 2020 deadlines are April 18 and August 28. LEF typically approves several grant applications each year.  These grants can be utilized for planning projects, academic research, books, conferences, historical archiving, educational initiatives, redevelopment strategies, and public initiatives applying the principles of land economics.  

Grant amounts range from $5,000 to $20,000, with preference given to projects with multiple funding sources and collaborations that can leverage the LEF grant.  Preference is also given to research and projects which include the participation of a local LAI Chapter — see the list of Chapters on the LAI website.

The LEF Board is currently focused on the following key priority subject areas to guide its grant review process:

  • Revitalization of Urban and Suburban Corridors and Rural Areas
  • Changing Work Patterns and their Impact on Workplaces
  • The International Economy and Its Impact on Cities and Industrial Development
  • The Technology Driven Economy and How it is Shaping Urban Development

Innovative research and projects in land economics on other topics and subject areas will also be eligible for funding and will be fully considered.

Grantees are expected to provide final reports or “case study” results and are encouraged to seek publication in peer journals with credit cited for LEF funding and support. Grantees are often invited to present their completed projects to the LAI and LEF Boards, and may be featured in a video on the LAI website.

For guidance regarding projects and research, grant amounts, and grantees please see Funded Research on the LAI website.

Videos of recent grantee research presentations are available on the LAI Keynotes website.

LEF is a not-for-profit charitable foundation created in 1965 to administer a grant-making investment fund on behalf of the members of LAI, the global, multidisciplinary honorary society that builds networks, advances knowledge and promotes best practices in the field of land economics.

March 24, 2020