AICP Certified Urban Designer (AICP CUD) Exam Preparation

Where Do I Start?

What types of questions will be on the AICP CUD exam? What emerging design issues should I study? Where can I find resources for study?

Step 1: Look at the exam outline. This provides you with the types of questions and percentage breakdown of the topics included in the exam.

Step 2: Compare the content outline with your current knowledge base. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there areas that I am comfortable with given my current experience and specialization? Do I need to solidify my understanding?
  • Are there areas that I have a basic understanding of but from which I could benefit taking a refresher course?
  • What areas are outside my knowledge base?

Step 3: Find training and resources that help fill in these gaps. APA has developed education resources that focus on design but we also recommend that you explore education options from one of our many CM providers as well.

Step 4: Contact us ( with questions. We are more than happy to help you focus your exam preparation.