AICP Certified Urban Designer (AICP CUD) Reading List


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Government Resources

U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency. 2007. Site and Urban Design for Security: Guidance Against Potential Terrorist Attacks.

New York City Department of Design and Construction. 2008. Sustainable Urban Site Design Manual.

New York City Department of Design and Construction. 2013. Sustainable New York: Implementing Sustainable Design in the City's Public Works.

The City of Portland, Orgeon. 2001. Portland Central City Fundamental Design Guidelines.

Other Resources

City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning. 2008. Walkability Checklist: Guidance for Entitlement Review.

San Francisco General Plan. 2013. Urban Design Element.


  • No reading list can span the entire range of material in the field.
  • It is not expected that exam takers will have read all the resources cited.
  • The readings are intended as guidelines only. While many exam questions are based on these readings, many are developed from other materials of similar content.