National Planning Landmark Award

The Planning Landmark Awards are presented for projects at least 25 years old that are historically significant, initiated a new direction in planning or impacted American planning, cities or regions over a broad range of time or space.



Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture

Housing Act of 1949


The Salt River Project (1911)

Phoenix Mountains Preserve Plan


The East Bay (San Francisco) Regional Park District

The San Francisco Zoning Ordinance (1867)

The Bennett Plan of the City of Pasadena (1925)

Los Angeles County 'Master Plan of Highways' (1940) and 'Freeways for the Region' (1943)

The Napa County Agricultural Preserve (1968)

The Bay Conservation and Development Commission and Creation of the San Francisco Bay Plan (1965-69)

The Petaluma Plan (1971-72)


The Denver Parks and Parkway System (1906+)

Speer Boulevard, Denver, Colorado


The Nine Square Plan of New Haven (1639)

District of Columbia

City of Euclid v. Ambler Realty Co., U.S. Supreme Court (1926)

Federal Housing Assistance '701' Program (Federal Housing Act of 1954)

The Plan of Washington, D.C. (1791)

The McMillan Commission Plan for Washington, D.C. (1901)

National Resources Planning Board (1933-43)

First National Conference on City Planning (1909)


Sanibel Plan (2007)


The Plan of Savannah (1733)


Hawaii's State Land Use Law (1961)


Yellowstone National Park (1872)


The American Society of Planning Officials (ASPO) (1934)

The Chicago Lakefront (1836-present)

The Plan of Chicago (1909)

The Plan of Riverside (1869)

'Local Planning Administration' (1941)

The Plan of Park Forest (1948)

The Merriam Center, Chicago (1930-1995)


New Harmony (1814-27)


The Lexington Urban Service Area (1958)


The Plan of the Vieux Carre, New Orleans (1721)


Greenbelt (The Greenbelt Towns)

The Plan of Annapolis (1695)

Columbia (1967+)

Plan for the Valleys


Founding of the Harvard University Graduate Planning Program (1929)

The 'Emerald Necklace' Parks, Boston (1875+)

Billerica Garden Suburb (1914)


The Kalamazoo Mall (1956)


Country Club Plaza, Kansas City

The Kansas City, Missouri, Parks Plan (1893)

Founding of the American City Planning Institute, the ACPI (1917)


Yellowstone National Park (1872)



New Jersey

'Radburn' at Fair Lawn (1928-29)

The Society for the Establishment of Useful Manufactures Plan for Paterson (1791-92)

Yorkship Village, Camden (1918)

Southern Burlington County NAACP v. Township of Mount Laurel (1975)

New Mexico

The Laws of the Indies (1573; 1681)

New York

New York State Adirondack Preserve & Park

The Regional Plan of New York & Environs (1929)

University Settlement House and the Settlement House Movement (1886)

Bronx River Parkway and the Westchester County Parkway System

The New York City Zoning Code (1916)

The Long Island Parkways & Parks

Forest Hills Gardens, Long Island (1911+)

Sunnyside Gardens, Long Island (1924+)

First Houses, New York City (1935-36)

Founding of the American City Planning Institute, the ACPI (1917)

The New York State Commission on Housing and Regional Planning (1923-26)

Grand Central Terminal, New York City (1903-13)

Central Park, New York City (1857)

Second Regional Plan of the Regional Plan Association of New York (1968)

Niagara Reservation State Park (1885)

North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Parkway


The Cincinnati Plan of 1925

The Cleveland Group Plan (1903)

Cleveland Policy Plan of 1974

Founding of the Ohio Planning Conference (1919)

Greenhills (The Greenbelt Towns)

The Plan of Mariemont (1922)

The Miami Valley Region's Fair Share Housing Plan (1970)


Oregon's Statewide Program for Land Use Planning (1973)


The Plan of Philadelphia (1683)

Rhode Island

College Hill Demonstration of Historic Renewal, Providence (1959)

South Carolina

First American Historic District, Charleston (1931)


Plan of Metro Government Nashville/Davidson County (1956)

The Tennessee Valley Authority (1933+)

The Town of Norris (1933)


The Paseo del Rio, San Antonio (1939-41)

'A Greater Fort Worth Tomorrow' (1956)


The Plat of the City of Zion (1833)


Monument Avenue Historic District, Richmond

Jeffersonian Precinct, University of Virginia (1817)

The New Town of Reston (1962-present)

The Roanoke Plans (1907; 1928)

The Blue Ridge Parkway

West Virginia

The Appalachian Trail (1921+) [site of administrative headquarters]


Greendale (The Greenbelt Towns)

The Wisconsin Planning Enabling Act (1909)


Yellowstone National Park (1872)


Royal Town Planning Institute