AICP Outstanding Student Awards 2011

The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding attainment in the study of planning by a student who is being graduated from an accredited program during the academic year of the award.

Arizona State University
Shannon Acevedo, Master's
Elena Pacheco, Bachelor's

Auburn University
Mark Curry, Master's

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
James  A.  Hinkamp, Master's
Marcus A. Carloni, Bachelor's

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Ruby Arellano, Master's
Juana Huang Ma, Bachelor's

Clemson University
Jacquelyn Ann Coats, Master's

Cleveland State University
Katherine Kowalczyk, Master's

Columbia University
Tanya Fonseca, Master's

Cornell University
Anna Brawley, Master's

East Carolina University
Mary S. Johnson, Bachelor's

Florida State University
Dana Brosig, Master's

Georgia Institute of Technology
Allison Looft, Master's

Hunter College — City University of New York (CUNY)
Kristine Shiller, Master's

Iowa State University
Sara Joy Proppe, Master's
Macaley Johnsen, Bachelor's

Jackson State University
Catherine P. Lee, Master's

Kansas State University
Megan McFarland, Master's

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Julie Chan, Master's

Michigan State University
Andrew LeMarbe, Master's
Eric Sarb, Bachelor's

Morgan State University
Josephine K. Visuvasaselvakumar, Master's

Portland State University
Michelle van Tijen, Master's

Pratt Institute
Jacqueline Bejma, Master's

Rutgers, The State University of NJ
David Joseph Stanek, Master's

San Jose State University
Kayla Platt, Master's

Texas A&M University
Philip Lasley, Master's

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lindsay Kathryn Maurer, Master's

Universite De Montreal
Catherine Gingras, Master's
Sarah Côté-René, Bachelor's

University at Albany (SUNY)
Lisa M. Arndt, Master's

University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Jessie Hersher Gouck, Master's

University of Arizona
Desiree Smith, Master's

University of California at Los Angeles
Garett Ballard-Rosa, Master's

University of Florida
Sarah Perch, Master's

University of Illinois — Urbana/Champaign
Elizabeth Boerke, Master's
Bradley Fine, Bachelor's

University of Iowa
Caroline Brigham, Master's

University of Kansas
Laura Hewitt Sparks, Master's

University of Memphis
Erich Clark Miller, Master's

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Kirk M. Fellhoelter, Master's

University of New Mexico
Megan McKenna, Master's

University of Oklahoma
Savannah S. Richards, Master's

University of Oregon
Brie Ana Becker, Master's

University of Pennsylvania
Abby Poses, Master's

University of Utah
BreAnne McConkie Gale, Master's

University of Virginia
Tierra Marie Howard, Master's
Leah Marie Stockstrom, Bachelor's

University of Washington — Seattle
Rachel Miller, Master's

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Rosa I. Kozub, Master's

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Jennifer Anne Hagenow, Master's

Virginia Commonwealth University
Ryan Rinn, Master's

Wayne State University (MI)
Erica Raleigh, Master's