Planners Take San Diego

More than 3,000 planners attended the in-person NPC22 in San Diego, April 30-May 3. The group spread out throughout San Diego and the surrounding region to explore the area's planning endeavors and all the host city had to offer. Check out what got planners excited:

On the go

By bike, foot, scooter, and train, planners took to San Diego to explore the host city of NPC22. 


From beautification to helping combat climate change, attendees were focusing on the role of flora around the city. 

Public Art

Murals and dance bring together arts and culture with planning. 

Public Space

Planners explored the COVID-modified streets that created expanded public spaces and plazas for more opportunities for gathering as a community. 

Mobile Workshops

The on-the-go education sessions took attendees around the region as one more opportunity to learn from the NPC22 host city and region.  

Top Image: Attendees head out on a bicycle mobile workshop in San Diego. Photo by Bob Hoffman Photography

About the author

Roberta Rewers is APA's communication manager. 

May 3, 2022

By Roberta Rewers