April 26: National Call-In Day for Housing and Community Development Funding

In conjunction with the Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding, APA is holding a national call-in day to support the passage of final spending bills for FY 2017 before the April 28 deadline to protect community development and housing programs.

Currently, the government is being funded by a short-term spending bill that expires on Friday, April 28. Congress has several options to finalize spending for the current fiscal year, including the passage of a finalized spending bill for Transportation Housing and Urban Development (THUD) or a full-year continuing resolution.

Tell your members of Congress to pass a THUD spending bill and avoid a full-year CR at FY 2016 levels.

Your legislators need to hear the impact of a long-term CR on you. Share any impacts you have on how the current budget uncertainty has hurt your community.

Sample Script

Please work with your colleagues to pass a final spending bill for fiscal year 2017 that protects affordable housing and community development investments at HUD. These resources keep roofs over the heads of low income families, seniors, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable people.

Community development funding also provides communities with critical dollars to provide housing, infrastructure, and other social services to low-income citizens. And it's a smart investment because affordable housing leads to better health and education outcomes and boosts economic mobility and the local economy. Our communities are stronger because of HUD.

Please do not put these resources at risk by failing to pass full-year spending bills by the April 28 deadline.

To Contact Your Members of Congress

  1. Call the congressional switchboard toll free at 202-224-3121 and ask to speak with your members of Congress
  2. To identify your members, visit house.gov and senate.gov

Top image: Photo in the public domain.

About the Author
Tess Hembree is policy manager at Advocacy Associates.

April 24, 2017

By Tess Hembree