Free! Certification Maintenance Opportunities from APA

If you’re an AICP member, you know the value of continuing your professional education. Certification Maintenance training opportunities keep you up to date on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the profession. It also demonstrates to employers, community leaders, and elected officials that you have an ongoing commitment to excellence.

Although the 2016–2017 AICP Certification Maintenance reporting period closed December 31, 2017, a grace period has extended the deadline until April 30, 2018. You may continue to earn and log CM credits — including those earned at the National Planning Conference in New Orleans in April.

Additionally, here are some no-cost opportunities for you to gain planning knowledge, learn new skills, and earn CM credits online.

2017 Daniel Burnham Forum

Smart Cities, Federal Data, and Civic Innovation

At the 2017 Daniel Burnham Forum on Big Ideas, keynote speaker John Thompson, former U.S. Census Bureau director, discussed present-day risks to federal data, examined how lawmaker decisions are affecting federal data sources, and explored whether the 2020 Census is in jeopardy.

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National Community Planning Month Webinar

National Community Planning Month has ended, but the opportunity to keep learning lives on. This year’s theme was Innovation in Planning, addressing the challenges faced by communities in the 21st Century.

Join APA’s Planning and Community Health Center, Prevention Institute, and the University of Colorado Denver’s Colorado Center for Sustainable Urbanism to discover recently developed tools and resources to advance healthy planning in the Innovation in Healthy Planning webinar.

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The Planners4Health program shares lessons learned from Plan4Health work. A cornerstone of Planners4Health is a six-part curriculum series guiding members through each step of the project. Five of the six sessions are available on demand for CM credit.

Begin with Session One: Assessing the Healthy Communities Landscape

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Tuesdays at APA

Tuesdays at APA is an after-work lecture and discussion series hosted in APA's Washington, D.C., office. The events are recorded and available as podcasts on demand. Three recent events are highlighted below. View all Tuesdays at APA on-demand events here.

Cool & Connected: Bridging the Broadband Gap

Alex Hutchinson, AICP, is an economic and community development specialist for Smart Growth America. His Tuesdays at APA lecture discusses a technical assistance program to help rural communities find new economic opportunities by providing planning assistance for downtown development and investments in reliable high-speed internet access.

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Health and the Built Environment

Does the built environment change behavior enough to influence health? Sagar Shah, a research associate at APA's Planning and Community Health Center, examines the connections between urban planning and public health, and focuses on the dynamic relationships between health and its determinants.

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11th Street Bridge Park

The 11th Street Bridge Park is being built on the pillars of the old bridge crossing the Anacostia River, connecting the Washington, D.C., neighborhoods of Anacostia and Capitol Hill. Vaughn Perry, equitable development manager for the park, discusses the park and the equitable development plan, which is serving as a guide to ensure that the park’s development drives inclusive growth that results in opportunities for all residents.

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November 27, 2017