APA Staff News: October 2018 — Part 1

APA congratulates staff members who were recently promoted.

  • senior meetings associate

    Kate Calabra

    Kate Calabra is a valued member of the Meetings and Conferences Department who is largely responsible for developing the popular Tech Zone into a vital component of the National Planning Conference and for strengthening APA’s relationships with NPC exhibitors and sponsors. She also leads staff groups working on enhancing the NPC attendee experience.
  • Research Program and QA Manager

    David Morley, AICP

    As a member of the APA Research Department staff since 2007, David Morley has participated in many sponsored research projects. He also manages the Planning Advisory Service, Research Knowledgebase, and Inquiry Answer Service, and co-edits Zoning Practice. In his new position, he will assume responsibility for quality assurance management of APA’s applied research efforts.
  • Associate Editor

    Lindsay Nieman

    Lindsay Nieman, who joined APA's Publications Department in December 2016, now manages several sections of Planning magazine, including “Viewpoint,” “Et Cetera,” and “Intersections.” Lindsay is very member-focused and knows what’s new and relevant among young planners. She is passionate about creating diverse and inclusive magazine content.
  • Senior associate

    Jennifer Rolla

    As a key member of the Professional Practice Department, Jen Rolla coordinates the efforts of AICP volunteers and supports the AICP Exam Committee as it maintains and updates the AICP Certification Exam. Her in-depth knowledge of the exam application and review processes has been invaluable in developing and implementing the AICP Candidate Pilot Program.

October 9, 2018