Finding Your Fiscal Footing in the New Normal

February 7, 2013

Are America's communities planned for prosperity or designed for debt? Is local economic development focused on short-term returns or long-range gains? Is Main Street's economy turning the corner — and is your community heading in the right direction?

The American Planning Association's Daniel Burnham Forum on Big Ideas tooks on these issues with two of the leading minds in community planning and economic development. Together they shared lessons from the past and visions for the future.

This event was presented in partnership with the City of Raleigh and Raleigh Economic Development

Emil Malizia

Emil Malizia's presentation (pdf)

Charles Marohn

Charles Marohn's presentation (pdf)

Emil Malizia, FAICP

Emil Malizia, FAICP

Emil Malizia, FAICP, directs the Institute for Economic Development at the University of North Carolina. He has written or coauthored books including Understanding Local Economic Development and more than 150 other publications. In addition to his academic work, Professor Malizia has served as a consultant to private developers as well as nonprofit development and public agencies.

Charles Marohn, AICP

Charles Marohn Jr., AICP

Charles Marohn Jr., AICP, is president of Strong Towns, a nonprofit dedicated to helping America's towns achieve financial strength and resiliency. He is the author of Thoughts on Building Strong Towns, vol. 1, the primary author of the Strong Towns blog, and the host of the Strong Towns podcast.