Communication with PODOs and Members

The Commissioner Newsletter

An important vehicle for communicating with planning official members of APA is The Commissioner newsletter. The newsletter started in 1995 with a prototype called PCS News and Notes. The Commissioner is mailed directly to all planning official members of APA (or those who become members in the planning official category). You will receive yours as part of your quarterly mailing from APA national staff. It is part of the basic dues package for planning officials and is not available as a separate subscription. Published quarterly, the newsletter contains articles, lists of resources, and other relevant information. 

The Commissioner is also your newsletter. We welcome information on your programs and events and look forward to your suggestions for articles, writers, and features.

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Planning Commissioners Journal

Planning Commissioners Journal is an independent journal published by Wayne Senville and the Champlain Planning Press in Burlington, Vermont. Call 802-864-9083 for more information.

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