Responsibilities of the PODO

  1. To increase training opportunities for planning officials in the chapter area; these can be any number of programs
    • special tracks within chapter conferences
    • new, independent workshops
    • purchased or developed training materials distributed for self study
    • joint programs developed with universities, like-minded organizations, or local governments
  2. To create ways of making the chapter more inviting to planning officials.
    For example:
    • special social events
    • enhanced communication through newsletter features
    • Internet discussion boards, and other peer-to-peer activities
  3. To recruit new planning official members.
    For example:
    • marketing campaigns
    • recruitment events at chapter conferences or training programs
    • recruitment at other organizations' events
  4. To involve planning officials in chapter programs and decision making
    • recruit planning officials for chapter officer or committee positions
    • involve planning officials in session presentations, newsletter writing, planning advocacy
  5. To involve planning officials in planning promotion and advocacy
    • recruit planning officials for legislative advocacy
    • recruit planning officials for public information; speaking, K-12 education, and outreach to other organizations
  6. To encourage the vital role of planning commissions in providing up-to-date, responsive and responsible community planning
    • support planning commissions with no planning staff
    • acknowledge and highlight innovative important efforts of planning commissions
  7. To serve as a reference person on planning official resources, helping to coordinate information and idea exchanges between members and the chapter and between the chapter and the national organization