While you are encouraged to develop programs on your own, your role as an information source is also very important. You will undoubtedly begin to receive calls on how to train planning commissioners and members of zoning boards of appeal, and your job will be to know what is available and where to send people for information. The Planning Official Development Officer (PODO) page collects all of APA's existing materials and resources. Your involvement in chapter activities will also allow you to answer questions well and serve your members.

Some general questions you should be prepared to answer are:

  • What materials and programs are available to train the commission or board?
  • What do I get for my APA membership?
  • Is it worthwhile going to an APA chapter or national conference?
  • Where do I get some advice on ethical problems and conflicts of interest?
  • How can I find out what is going on for planning commissioners in other parts of the country?

Remember, APA staff and chapter officers are always ready to help you. Your primary APA staff contact is:

Lynn Jorgenson
Leadership Affairs
American Planning Association
205 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1200
Chicago, IL 60601
(P) 312-786-6721
(F) 312-786-6700