This charrette-style workshop focused on a portion of the West Las Vegas neighborhood, located immediately northwest of downtown Las Vegas. The history of West Las Vegas is intimately intertwined with the beginning of Las Vegas, dating back to 1904.  Since the 1930s, West Las Vegas was commonly referred to as the "Westside" and home to a large African American population.  The community has many historic points of interest, including the Moulin Rouge Hotel & Casino and the Old Westside School.

Despite the growth of metropolitan Las Vegas, West Las Vegas has experienced property disinvestment, high rate of absentee landlords, poverty, little to no economic development and an inability to sustain growth within the area. 

The Community Planning Workshop provided an opportunity for AICP attendees to brainstorm with community stakeholders to create policies and strategies related to redevelopment and revitalization, while preserving the history of the community. Topics included growth, land use, housing, culture and historic preservation, and community services.

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