East Market Street District - Greensboro, North Carolina

In October 1995, the City of Greensboro, North Carolina, became the first site visited by a Community Planning Team (now known as a Community Planning Assistance Team, or CPAT). 

Project Background

The team visited Greensboro October 26–30 to assist in the identification of alternative solutions for economic development, urban design, and community empowerment in the East Market Street District. 

The team had three basic goals for the project:

  • Bring significant economic development to the East Market Street District as a means of increasing employment, services, and resident ownership of businesses.
  • Develop planning and urban design concepts for a major roadway: East Market Street.
  • Help build coalitions and partnerships that will see the revitalization of the district through whatever period of time required.

The team produced an initial report and a follow up that provided information on the implementation of a Community Development Corporation. With guidance from the report, the community formed a development corporation and hired its first executive director to implement the suggestions in the plan.

More than 20 years later, Greensboro reports nearly 175 million dollars in new public and private investment in the area.

East Market District

Community Planning Assistance Team Report

Economic development or revitalization of the business sector in the East Market Street District was the concern most expressed by residents of the area, city officials, private developers, and lending institutions.

Planning magazine, January 1996: "Greensboro's Team Effort"

News Coverage of the Greensboro Project

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Meet the Team

William Harris, PhD, FAICP, Team Leader

Lee Brown, AICP

Ellen Crain

Samuel Cullers, FAICP

Emil Malizia, PhD, AICP

Cynthia Norman

James E. Shelby