Planning Assistance Team

Mandeville, Louisiana

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the American Planning Association (APA) made initial contact with various communities affected by the storm. The City of Mandeville, Louisiana, responded and participated in the Planning Assistance Team (PAT) efforts.

The PAT focused on a preservation and development strategy plan in the district identified as "Old Mandeville". The team's Old Mandeville Redevelopment Strategy was intended to be an implementation mechanism, leading to refinements in the city's Comprehensive Plan, Comprehensive Land Use Regulation Ordinance (CLURO) and strategic planning initiatives. Because the city was in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan, the PAT process and document was particularly timely.

Read the team's report (pdf)

Meet the Team

The team consisted of: Roger D. Blevins, AICP, San Antonio, Texas; Mary Anne Bowie, AICP, Sarasota, Florida; Bradley Johnson, AICP, Indianapolis, Indiana; Karen A. Hundt, AICP, Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Tara B. Paxton, AICP, Township of Brick, New Jersey.