Planning Assistance Team — November 2005

New Orleans, Louisiana

The American Planning Association (APA), in response to requests from the New Orleans City Planning Commission and APA's Louisiana chapter, assembled a team of six qualified urban planners to assess the capacity of the city's planning function in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

After gathering preliminary information about its assignment, APA's New Orleans Planning Assessment Team visited the city from October 23 to 28, 2005; conducted a tour of the city's devastation; interviewed a cross section of public officials and community leaders; and thus formulated a set of conclusions and recommendations that might assist local officials as they seek to make sound decisions about the city's restoration and redevelopment.

This report presents the APA Team's general observations about the city's planning function, including activities of the City Planning Commission and the Mayor's Bring New Orleans Back (BNOB) Commission. On the basis of those observations, the report proceeds to make recommendations for addressing short- and long-term planning issues, and suggests appropriate next steps.

Charting the Course for Rebuilding a Great American City

An Assessment of the Planning Function in Post-Katrina New Orleans

By evaluating previous studies, interviewing local experts, and attending meetings of the two local commissions with the authority to lead post-Katrina redevelopment planning — the statutory City Planning Commission and the Mayor’s BNOB Commission — the APA Team has been able to make some general observations about the city’s planning function. We have used these observations as the basis for an analysis by which we might classify the planning function’s attributes as assets, needs, opportunities, and challenges.

Meet the Team

Fernando Costa, AICP, served as Team Leader. The team included: Jane S. Brooks, FAICP; Chandra Foreman, AICP; Bob Lurcott, FAICP; Grover Mouton; and Richard Roths, AICP.