Project Background

South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Stephen Luecke requested the assistance of APA following the sudden and unexpected death of the city's director of community and economic development, Jon R. Hunt. The mayor sought the help of outside professionals to ensure the most effective transition possible.

The APA Community Planning Assistance team was charged with two areas of concern: to define the roles, responsibilities, and nature of the position of the director of community and economic development; and directly related, to examine the programmatic and organizational structure of the department of community and economic development necessary to address the planning and development issues of the City of South Bend.

Summary Report: The South Bend AICP Technical Assistance Team

Community Planning Assistance Team Report

There was evidence that the organizational structure and the management of projects produced no interdivision teaming. The lack of an internal, shared agreement on departmental goals and priorities appears to induce further separation, as does a difference in the divisions’ perception of who its clients are, and the staff’s perception of how the community perceives the department.

Meet the Team

Lee Brown, FAICP, led the team, which included Lucia Garsys, AICP; James L. (Jack) Kiser, AICP; Steven A. Preston, FAICP; and Mitchell Silver, AICP.