Project Background

Category 5 hurricanes Irma and Maria struck the U.S. Virgin Islands 14 days apart in 2017. Damage across the three islands was as severe as any place in the country, including Texas, Puerto Rico, Florida, and Caribbean nations.

The U.S. Territory is still in recovery mode and sought assistance from the CPAT program to help address the damages caused by the 2017 hurricanes along with enhancements that will mitigate future hazards and promote walkability around the Schneider Regional Medical Center.

The study area suffers from chronic drainage issues contributing to erosion and sediment buildup all the way to Long Bay to the south. It is an area of special concern to the governor and many other stakeholders, including the departments of health, education, and public works along with the housing, water and power, and waste management authorities.

Perimeter Road, around the regional medical center, is also dangerous for pedestrians. Despite heavy traffic from residents on foot and bike, the area lacks sidewalks, green space for recreation, and clearly marked bus transit infrastructure. Daily heavy motor vehicle traffic creates an unsafe environment.

The CPAT will engage the community to develop ideas and create a vision to transform the area into a healthy and resilient neighborhood.

Project Updates

Team leader Dan Kirby, FAICP, FAIA, and APA Programs Manager Ryan Scherzinger, AICP, conducted a preliminary site visit August 30–31, 2018.

The full team will visit September 8–13, 2019.

Meet the Team

Team Leader


Dan Kirby is a principal in the Orlando office of Jacobs' design practice. He has a broad range of experience in successfully leading the management and design of hospitality, government, mixed-use, multi-family communities, and retail facilities. Prior to joining Jacobs, Kirby was director of development services for Hill International, director of development for Capital Development Group and was design studio director for Farmer Baker Barrios Architects. His work includes significant domestic and international projects. In addition, he has been an adjunct professor for design in the architecture program at the University of Central Florida and for project management at the Keller Graduate School of Management.

Kinder Baumgardner headshot
Team Member

Kinder Baumgardner, ASLA

Kinder Baumgardner is president of SWA Group and managing principal of its Houston office. Over the span of 20 years, Baumgardner has actively traveled the country seeking out regional flavors to create landscapes that are culturally and ecologically resonant. Baumgardner's collaborative mindset and awareness of the effect of historical and contemporary culture in creating experiential places is rooted in the design work he has performed in all corners of North America. His current work often finds him in the Middle East and Africa, where he is called upon to synthesize complex systems in order to create open spaces for new cities or urban precincts. While much of his work is focused internationally, he cherishes his projects in the U.S. and Texas, where inimitable regional American cultures and landscapes define who we are and how we live.

David Berg headshot
Team Member

David Berg, AICP, LEED AP

David Berg has been a land use planner and environmental analyst for 20 years. He has studied degraded estuaries and recommended watershed land use changes to restore estuarine water quality. Berg has developed low impact site plans, including designs and specifications incorporating green stormwater management, environmental restoration, and open space preservation. He has prepared land use plans that incorporate smart growth principles to redevelop older suburbs into communities where people of mixed incomes and ages can live, work, and play in a pedestrian-friendly environment. Berg is the former director of Long Island chapter. Berg is currently the program manager for the Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan for the Long Island Regional Planning Council.

Chris Chiodini headshot
Team Member

Chris Chiodini, AICP, EIT

Chris Chiodini is the director of community development for the City of Grandview, Missouri, which is a city of 25,000 in the metropolitan Kansas City, Missouri, area. He is responsible for planning, zoning, land use, development, historic preservation, and several other areas of work. Chiodini has previous experience in the civil engineering consulting business, State DOT experience and as a PW Director/County Engineer. He has a BS in Civil Engineering and graduated from the Economic Development Institute at the University of Oklahoma.

Hazel Edwards headshot
Team Member

Hazel R. Edwards, PhD, FAICP

Hazel Edwards is chair of the Department of Architecture at Howard University. Hazel’s 26+ year career combines place-related research and teaching with planning and urban design practice. Her research interests in quality of life are framed within urban design contexts while focused primarily on historic residential and campus environments. Her design background serves as a foundation for interpreting concepts and challenges into solutions/alternatives. Her work includes campus planning, master planning, urban transportation studies, qualitative and quantitative research, pre-development services, building-related projects, community engagement, proposal writing, and book design and editing.

Valerie Feinberg headshot
Team Member

Valerie Feinberg, AICP

Valerie Feinberg is program director for the Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida. Valerie has experience in the public, private and nonprofit sectors with a diverse background in land use and urban planning and particular expertise in healthy, active living community design, walkable places, and beautification. Major areas of focus include land use and transportation planning and development; safe and healthy community design; strategic planning; project management; partnership engagement; and proposal and grant development, management, and budgeting.