NPC20 @ Home

Frequently Asked Questions

NPC20 @ Home Collection and Session Recordings

I attended NPC20 @ Home live. How do I access the session recordings?

Attendees can find the NPC20 @ Home Collection in their APA Learn Dashboard. Attendees will have access to the recordings for one year from the date of the live event. Recordings can also be accessed from the session detail page found in the Full Program.

I missed the live NPC20 @ Home. Can I still purchase the session recordings?

Yes! You can purchase the full NPC20 @ Home Collection in APA Learn. You will have access to the recordings for a full year from the date of purchase.

How much does the NPC20 @ Home Collection cost?

  • $125 for APA Members
  • $25 for APA Student Members
  • $175 for Nonmembers

What is included with this purchase?

Access to all NPC20 @ Home digital conference session and Career Zone recordings in APA Learn for a year from the date of purchase.

I was planning to attend NPC20 in Houston and still have registration credits. How should I apply this credit for the NPC20 @ Home Collection?

Please contact us at to apply your credit to the NPC20 @ Home Collection.

CM Credits

Q. How do I log CM credits for a session that I viewed live?

Log NPC20 @ Home Live Event CM Credits

A. To log a completed session(s):

  • Select the heading of the session you attended on the conference page.
  • Click "Add to My Log".
  • Add your ratings for the session(s).
  • Click "Submit." This will log your CM credits.
  • Select the "Log more activities from: NPC20 @ Home" to add more courses.
  • Check your CM log to verify the CM credits totals have adjusted accordingly.

Q. How do I log CM credits when I finish an APA Learn course?

Log NPC20 @ Home On Demand CM Credits in APA Learn

A. When you complete a course:

  • Return to the APA Learn course page and click "Evaluate."
  • Complete the course evaluation on APA Learn. (Most answers will auto-fill for identical questions in the course evaluation in your CM log.) When you finish, return to the APA Learn course page.
  • Click the link under "Claim CM. "
  • The partially-completed CM course evaluation will appear. Complete the evaluation by indicating:
    • (at the top, optional) If you were a speaker/instructor, check the box indicating you were a speaker/instructor
    • (optional) Adjust content and speaker ratings populated from the APA Learn Course Evaluation and add comments; and
    • (at the bottom) If you agree to APA publishing your comments.
  • Click "Submit." This will log your CM credits.
  • Check your CM log to verify the CM credits totals have adjusted accordingly.

I need AICP Certification Maintenance credits (CM). How many can I earn with NPC20 @ Home Collection?

AICP members can earn up to 27.50 CM credits — including credits in law and ethics. That's more than two-thirds of the CM credits required in an entire two-year reporting period!

Notice: AICP members claiming credit for a session are required to remain in the session for the duration in order to receive CM credit. AICP members in need of last-minute credits for their reporting period will be able to use credits earned at NPC20 @ Home. Any remaining credits can be used for a member's next reporting period.

Will the credits only be available if I watched each session live or can I earn CM credits if I access the sessions throughout the year via APA Learn?

CM is available for both the live and recorded NPC20 @ Home sessions regardless of when or where they are watched. Sessions will be available for all attendees for one year after the NPC20 @ Home conference in APA Learn. Session CM credits can also be logged in APA Learn.

Event Information

What was NPC20 @ Home?

NPC20 @ Home was a digital conference, bringing the spirit of the National Planning Conference to the planning community. APA curated a collection of the most relevant NPC20 content, and added new programming that speaks to the unprecedented challenges planners are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program included keynotes, networking opportunities and virtual happy hours, and an additional day of career-focused content.