APA 2019 Policy and Advocacy Conference

Planners’ Day on Capitol Hill

Standing up for planning has never been so important. Advance planning policy on Capitol Hill alongside 100+ planners on September 25, 2019, during APA's Policy and Advocacy Conference.

Educate, Advocate, Influence


APA members — including Planners' Advocacy Network members — have written, called, or met with their elected officials more than 1,400 times this year. They've helped advance a range of planning issues, including reauthorizing the Land and Water Conservation Fund, securing funding for the 2020 Census and other critical federal housing and transportation programs, and pushing through a state bill, which has since become law, that simplifies and clarifies the process for replatting land redevelopment, shortening the overall process.

Participating in Planners' Day Is Easy

We Schedule Your Meetings, You Tell Your Planning Stories

How It Works

Get started:

1. Indicate on your conference registration that you plan to attend Planners' Day on Capitol Hill.

TIP: Remember to provide your home address. We use this information to determine your congressional district and schedule meetings with your elected officials. If there is another address you would like us to use for scheduling meetings, please note the address on your registration and the reason for scheduling a meeting with that elected official.

2. APA schedules meetings for you with your representative and senators.

Our scheduling process begins in August. In September, we will tell you everything you need to know about your meetings, including who you're meeting with, when, and where. NOTE: Since meetings will be scheduled throughout the day, please plan to stay on Capitol until 4 p.m. (ET) and arrange your travel home accordingly.

3. Participate in Pre-Planners' Day Webinar

Get ready for your meeting on Capitol Hill before you arrive in Washington. Join the policy staff for a webinar that previews the issues at play, our positions, and what you need to know to have an effective meeting with legislators and their staffs. More information to come!

4. Bring your local stories to Washington

Legislators respond best when constituents can quickly identify common ground. Identify a planning story from your representative's district or state that will resonate before your travel to Washington.

TIP: Great Places are a good place to start.

Planner's Day App

To help prepare you for meetings with your representatives, APA has teamed up with Advocacy Associates on an app designed to make your Planners' Day easy and impactful.

The AdvocacyDay App makes it easy for you to:

  • View leave behinds
  • Research your representatives
  • Read up on bills important to planning
  • Connect with other Planners' Day advocates
  • Engage with @APAadvocates on Twitter

APA will send you your individualized username and password in September once your Planners' Day schedule is ready to be viewed.

Hear From a Planner Like You

Meet Lisa Bourbonnais. Hear what keeps her coming back to APA's Policy and Advocacy Conference: