2019 National Planning Conference

Why Attend NPC19?

Start With Three Great Reasons

1. Move to the Forefront: Join the conversation about current issues, trends, challenges, and solutions that are shaping planning today. Get smarter at sessions and workshops offering the latest and best in professional planning education.

2. Grow Your Network: Grab this chance to boost your career and further your personal and professional goals. Meet old friends, renew acquaintances, and build key relationships.

3. Explore San Francisco and the Bay Area: San Francisco is 49 square miles but the Bay Area expands well beyond the city limits. This diverse cross-section of planning sees urban landscapes, climate adaptation, nature preservation, historic landmark — the list goes on. San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area offer intimate looks at all types of planning.

Making the Case to Attend

There are as many reasons to attend APA's National Planning Conference as there are planners. We're highlighting just 10 — five for you and five to help you make the case to your boss.

Reasons for You

Planning keeps changing.

Every year NPC brings together the hottest topics, the latest tools, and the leading voices with something new to say about what matters most to you.

You've arrived — and want the planning world to know.

For students and recent grads, NPC is the best place to build a network of professional contacts, peers, and mentors.

You're ready for a career move.

Whether you're actively job hunting or just scoping out your options, you can make good use of APA's Career Zone. Plus, you'll come away loaded with new contacts.

It's time for a fresh look.

With hundreds of sessions to explore, you can dive deeper into your specialty, stretch into different areas, and go home with a whole new outlook.

The global view is amazing.

Engage with people from all over the world who have similar questions to yours — and who may have the answers.

Reasons for Your Boss

You'll be a more effective employee.

What you learn will help you work smarter, faster, and better.

You'll bring back new ideas.

You'll return with new ideas, solutions, and skills to raise the level of play for your whole team.

You'll make valuable connections.

Conference contacts can be real lifesavers when you face an unexpected challenge.

You'll pick up new tools.

The Exhibit Hall and Tech Zone might have the solutions your office has been looking for.

You'll save money ...

... if you register by February 13. Plus you can get APA's discount at partner hotels.