Capital Facility Needs and Proffer Guidelines

Loudoun County

Leesburg, VA

The intent of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is for the County of Loudoun, Virginia (County) to obtain fixed price proposals, from firms with expertise in Local Government Capital Planning, Management Consulting, Public Administration, and/or Land Use Planning.

The Consultant is requested to evaluate and enhance Loudoun County’s current system for:

  • Creating capital facility standards that identify capital facility needs and facility triggers for County operating departments and agencies,
  • Calculating the capital costs associated with meeting these needs, and
  • Developing suggested proffer calculations to account for new development.

Loudoun County Government currently projects future facility needs for its departments and agencies using capital facility standards and population growth trends. Enhancements will include adding urban facility standards, road standards, and possibly, standards triggered by nonresidential development.

An important outcome from this effort is a set of updated capital facility standards where capital need calculations reflect best practices, using methodologies that can be consistently applied and easily implemented by County staff during future updates. The Consultant will be required to calculate and present the updated standards to public bodies such as the County’s Fiscal Impact Committee and Board of Supervisors.

Similarly, calculations of suggested proffer amounts (voluntary commitments offered by the property owner to mitigate the impacts of increased density from rezoning property) need to result from a clear, consistent, and transparent methodology that can be easily updated by County staff. With the adoption of the Loudoun County 2019 General Plan, there is a need to evaluate the current methodology for how suggested proffer amounts are calculated in order to accurately measure the impact to be mitigated as well as correctly estimating the impact of different development types and patterns permitted in the new General Plan. Loudoun County currently determines suggested proffer amounts based on a Capital Intensity Factor for each type of housing unit. The Consultant will be required to evaluate potential changes to Loudoun County’s Capital Intensity Factors, and to calculate and present all updated factors.

As part of this effort, the Consultant is asked to evaluate whether any changes in the types and sizes of County government and schools capital facilities, or the approach to providing these facilities are merited, given planned urban development, the County’s continued transition from a “Greenfield” to a mature jurisdiction, and opportunities for redevelopment. The Consultant is asked to both conduct independent research and to facilitate internal discussions with representatives of Loudoun County departments and Loudoun County Public Schools. The Consultant also is asked to facilitate discussions with the development community.

Pre-Proposal Conference:
A Pre-Proposal Conference will be held on February 5, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. in the Lovettsville Conference Room, 1 Harrison Street, SE, 1st Floor, Leesburg, Virginia 20175, for clarification of any questions on the specifications.

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Monday, February 24, 2020

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