Transit-Related Small Area Plan

Town of Herndon

Herndon, VA

The Town of Herndon is soliciting sealed proposals from highly qualified, innovative, and creative firms firms to assist the Town with the development of an area plan to guide potential redevelopment of approximately 94 acres. The study area is referred to as the Transit-Related Growth Area (TRG). The location of the parcels, in relation to the new Metrorail Silver Line Herndon Station, ranges from a tenth of a mile to approximately 0.90 miles by established pedestrian routes. The intent of this effort is to develop a conceptual plan for future redevelopment, facilitating the transition of these 25 privately owned and developed parcels, consisting primarily of 1980's and 1990's office and flex space development, into a well-designed and viable mixed-use district providing housing, goods and services, and office uses serving the TRG, the previously planned Herndon Transit-Oriented Core (HTOC) and the wider Herndon community. The plan will address future land use, transportation and connectivity, open spaces, social, economic, and environmental sustainability, building character, and implementation, and is intended to guide public and private investment within the plan area.

Problem solving of infrastructure constraints, to ensure that proposed future densities and land uses do not exceed capacity, will play a prominent roll in the effort. Concurrently, the plan must provide residential and non-residential inhabitants ready access to transit, recreation, and goods and services to address their daily needs within a 10-to-15-minute walk, thus reducing the need for automotive use. The plan is expected to encourage redevelopment, recognize the probability of disparate development timelines, provide appropriate buffers to abutting neighborhoods, formulate a unique sense of place as well as an identity integral with the Town of Herndon, and establish a pattern and expectation for innovative, sustainable, and post-pandemic excellence in architectural and urban design. The vision is for a transit neighbhorhood where social, economic, and environmental sustainability and equity is incorporated into the future development at the planning stage. It is to be a vibrant neighborhood which addresses the needs of its businesses and daytime and nighttime residents through a symbiotic mix of uses, its encouragement for active modes of transportation and transit, foresight to accommodate new ways of doing business and post-COVID trends in living, shopping, and working.

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Deadline: 3:00 Eastern on November 12, 2021

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Friday, November 12, 2021