Future Land Use Plan

City of Mansfield

Mansfield, TX

SCOPE OF SERVICES The scope of services describes the City's general project expectations for this RFQ. This scope of services, however, is not intended to limit creativity for the project. The City expects potential proposers to provide their own innovative insights and ideas in bringing the project to fruition.

Major Tasks

The major tasks to be undertaken in this project are listed below. The final list of major tasks will be negotiated with the consultant team recommended to be retained by the City.

Vision and Goals for Development

The Future Land Use Plan provides a planning-based framework for addressing future needs, new opportunities, and to revisit the past to outline areas ripe for reinvestment. As such, the Vision and Goals for Development will identify current and future issues and challenges, as well as identify new or renewed directions and opportunities. The intent of this task is to formulate key themes that reflect underlying community goals and key planning principles. The planning framework and vision will serve as the basis for the update of the Future Land Use Plan and creation of other master plan comments as part of this RFP, and for use to integrate and align future updates of other Mansfield master plans. This planning framework created by the development of vision and goals may be either a separate and measurable plan or incorporated as a section within the Future Land Use Plan.

Future Land Use Plan

The update of the Future Land Use Plan is the primary work program item for this project. The intent of the update is to provide meaningful and useful land use recommendations. In order to address the needs of growing cities experiencing population increases while having limited developable land, the update shall utilize an innovative planning approach including but not limited to:

  • Inventory, analysis, and project of existing demographic and land use conditions
  • Review of active and historical Mansfield Master Plans and other plans and studies
  • Engagement of the public in the development of community goals and objectives (see Public Participation below)
  • Consideration of new or emerging residential, nonresidential, and mixed-use development trends and their applicability or inapplicability to Mansfield
  • Preservation and promotion or Mansfield's unique character, livability, sustainability and quality of life (The creation of defined special area plans is critical to promoting the targeted planning of specific character driven development within defined geographies. The City of Mansfield has provided suggestions of several special area plans for consideration.)The focus of the Future Land Use Plan update shall be with regard to future development of remaining undeveloped properties and redevelopment/adaptive reuse of existing developed properties. The future land use designations, future land use map, and other Future Land Use Plan policies and plan recommendations shall be designed to function both as a guide of expectations for future development and as an evaluation tool for development proposals.

Public Participation

Public input is a vital part of the planning process. It instills ownership in the plan with the community, thereby leading to a greater desire and understanding of the methods of implementing the vision and goals for development. The consultant shall design, implement, recommend, and guide a public participation process incorporating effective and innovative participation techniques. Responses to this RFQ shall include ideas on how to engage and include the public in the process of deriving plan policies, recommendation, and objectives, and may include:

  • Focus groups
  • Citywide public workshops to build an understanding of development trends
  • Charettes for special area plans
  • Online delivery of information and engagement The final number and types of public participation methods will be negotiated with the consultant team recommended to be retained by the City. City Mansfield staff will perform some work associated with the public participation portion of this project; however, this work will be minimal and will be limited to preparation and posting of meeting notices, posting meeting content on the City's webpage or project page and social media outlets.

Public Meetings/Hearings In addition to the public participation meetings mentioned above, consultants shall plan for and provide estimates for the following meetings/hearings.

  • Sufficient number of meetings with the advisory committee for the projected scope and estimated 9-12 month duration of the project
  • Four City Council and/or Planning and Zoning Commission meetings. The City envisions holding a joint meeting between the two parties, followed by separate adoption based hearings. Meetings with the two parties could include: o Project update and status o Adoption of the updated Future Land Use Plan and new special area plan components o Adoption of implementation ordinances As meetings with staff are necessary to remain on task and prepare direction for all meetings, meetings with staff should not be limited by scope. Deliverables
  • Future Land Use Map
  • Land Use Classifications
  • Special Area Plans: Many of the identified Special Area Plans have been started or are currently being formulated. The consultant team would be required to inventory all existing efforts and finalize and consolidate them in the Future Land Use Plan. A concise list of goals and objectives should be created for each Special Area Plan.
    1. Downtown District (Generally located in the area surrounding Historic Downtown Mansfield at the intersection of Main and Broad Streets. The district has historic shopfronts on both sides of N. Main Street and has undergone numerous planning efforts, most recently with the adoption of the D, Downtown District zoning to allow for a mix of uses and appropriate intensity transitions to existing single-family residential. Transit Oriented Development area.)
    2. Entertainment District (east of Texas 360 and north of the future extension of Lone Star Road. The vision and goals of this special area plan is to provide an entertainment-focused activities, including existing facilities and future needs for additional multipurpose entertainment facilities)
    3. Innovation District (Generally along Heritage Parkway east of US 287. This area is envisioned to be one with a mix of technology and bio-medical research and manufacturing. Transit Oriented Development area.)
    4. Western Promise (Generally located west of the Downtown District between the north and south city limits to the western edge of Mansfield. The vision is to create infill, redevelopment and greenfield development opportunities. The area is historically underserved with general retail, mixed-use development and attainable housing with creative development decisions to protect existing community needs.)
    5. ETJ
  • Implementation Plan : Metrics and Action Items As part of an implementation strategy, goals and priorities shall be created to provide the City with measurable check-in points to determine and outline the success of the Future Land Use Plan.

All created documents, including but not limited to: Interim draft plan, map, report and study products shall be submitted in Adobe Acrobat digital format for posting on the City of Mansfield's website, digital distribution of electronic packets, etc. At the conclusion of the contract, all files, including exhibits, photos, text, video, etc. shall be provided to the City in their native and editable format.

Upon adoption, any remaining edits should be combined into a final plan format as agreed to by the City to be published by the City online.

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Thursday, October 13, 2022