Transferable Development Rights Update

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

Stateline, NV

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) is one of several recipients of a California Regional Early Action Program (REAP) 2.0 Higher Impact Transformative (HIT) grant. This grant is administered by the California Department of Housing and Community Development. The funding provides planning and implementation dollars to cities, counties, and regional governments to build sustainable, resilient, and equitable communities that are inclusive and take measurable strides toward reducing vehicle miles traveled.

Through the HIT grant, TRPA and regional partners will:

  • Evaluate and recommend updates to Tahoe's transfer of development rights (TDR) and growth management systems and development standards to address equity, climate change impacts, and housing choice, supply and affordability;
  • Draft and recommend an environmental clearance approval process for infill multi-family development that accelerates housing supply, choice, and affordability;
  • Build community and regional agency capacity and skills to meaningfully engage with local communities in planning and implementation policy and project programming, increasing community resiliency and inclusivity; and
  • Serve as a model for other areas seeking to integrate conservation, housing, and equity to promote regional prosperity for all.

Through this RFP, TRPA is seeking a consultant team to:

  1. Complete an equity and climate assessment of Tahoe's TDR and growth management systems, development standards and other related processes as applicable;
  2. Recommend policy, program and code updates to better integrate equity, climate, and housing1 needs into TRPA's TDR program and growth management system and related processes;
  3. Conduct environmental analysis of recommended policy, program, and code updates, including recommending an environmental clearance process for infill housing that meets environmental standards;
  4. Build community and regional agency capacity to meaningfully and equitably engage the community in planning, policy development, and programming, including training for the agency;
  5. Design and assist with implementation of meaningful community engagement throughout the timeframe of the project;
  6. Create tools and document best practices to operationalize meaningful and equitable community engagement into the future work of the TRPA and partner entities; and
  7. Coordinating closely with TRPA staff, ensure complete and timely delivery of the approved work plan.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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