Climate Action Plan

City of Seaside

Seaside, CA

The City of Seaside is seeking a qualified consultant or team of consultants to provide facilitation, technical, and design services for the development and approval of a Climate Action & Adaptation Plan (CAAP). The CAAP will serve as the roadmap for the City to equitably achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2050, or sooner.

Seaside recognizes that climate-related issues do not affect members of the community equally. Some community members are disproportionately affected by negative climate impacts.

As Seaside continues to reflect on and address equity, it is critical that a social equity component be integrated into the CAAP together with climate change mitigation and adaptation directives.

The City expects to engage the community in the development of the CAAP to assist the City in outlining the social, economic, and environmental benefits of implementing the CAAP and to establish ways to ensure equitable distribution of these benefits to the City's minority-majority population.

Through this CAAP, Seaside seeks to:

  • Develop a pathway to deliver an emissions neutral city by 2050 or sooner and set out methodologies for prioritizing transformational actions,
  • Demonstrate how Seaside will adapt and improve its resilience to climate change that impacts the City now and respond to future climate change scenarios,
  • Engage with the community to communicate the climate challenges, and identify opportunities for change in response to these challenges,
  • Engage with the community in the CAAP development, and outline social, environmental, and economic benefits expected from implementing the plan, including designing inclusive climate actions with a fair and equitable distribution of benefits,
  • Detail the City's governance, powers, and capacity, as well as identify the partners who need to be engaged to accelerate the delivery of the City's mitigation targets and resilience goals,
  • Establish a set of cohesive sustainability strategies, implementation measures, and metrics for measuring progress and success across the City organization; and,
  • Identify synergies between mitigation and adaptation strategies to leverage City resources and budgets.

All communications, including questions, with the City Contact shall be made via email. Communications made via other means will not be returned and may result in disqualification.

The City Contact for this RFP is: Andrew Myrick, Economic Development and Community Planning Manager, 440 Harcourt Ave., Seaside, CA 93955


Bid Posting, RFP and Sample Professional Services Agreement:

Submittal Deadline: October 30, 2023 at 5pm

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Monday, October 30, 2023