Environment, Natural Resources and Energy Division The Eco-Industrial Development Guidebook and Case Studies for North America



Part 1. Guide

Eco-Industrial Park Development: A Guide for North America

Part 2. Case Studies


Comparing Devens Sustainability Efforts to the Cohen-Rosenthal Matrix, by Peter C. Lowitt, AICP; Neil Angus, AICP; and Dona Neely; 2009.

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A Map of Sustainable Devens, compiled by Neil Angus, AICP; 2008.


Minnesota's Foundation for Sustainable Industrial Development, by Tim Nolan; 2009.

Sustainable Industrial Development Concepts and Definitions: Appendix 1, by Tim Nolan.

A Template for Planning an Eco Park: Appendix II, by Tim Nolan.

Undertaking EID Flowchart: Appendix III, by Tim Nolan.

Baseline Assessment Report for Duluth Superior EID, by Corey Brinkema and Tim Nolan; 2007.

The Greater Duluth-Superior Area Eco-Industrial Development Initiative Report to the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation; 2007.

U.S. Business Council for Sustainable Development:

By-product Synergy Networks, Reducing Waste While Creating Business Opportunities, by A. Mangan and E. Olivetti; 2008. Reprinted with permission of the authors.


The Pivotal Role of Planning in the Success of Canadian Eco-Industrial Parks, by Jaspal Marwah, BA, MPlan; and Tracy Casavant, MES, PEng; 2009. Eco-Industrial Solutions, Vancouver, Canada.

Taiga Nova Amendments and Bylaws

Hinton Eco-Industrial Park Zoning and Development Guidelines