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The International Division is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help with our programs.  Volunteering with the division is a great way to work with other planners from around the world, give back to the profession, and develop your leadership skills and professional network.

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We currently have the following positions open:

2016 Phoenix Conference Coordinator

The International Division needs a Division member to serve as Conference Coordinator, who can work with us to plan the Division's activities at the 2016 National Planning Conference in Phoenix. We are planning themes relating to rapid urbanization in Latin America cities and Latino immigration to US cities in the Southwest. The Coordinator is responsible for soliciting and reviewing proposals submitted to the Division and (in consultation with the Executive Committee) selecting the Division's by-right technical session, facilitated discussion and mobile workshop events. The Coordinator then ensures that the selected event organizers and speakers meet deadlines and deliver the session. Thus, the job has five steps:

  1. Solicitation of proposals from division members.
  2. Review and selection of the division session proposal.
  3. Communication with other divisions in cases of topic overlap or other issues.
  4. Follow up with session organizers/moderators to make certain they meet deadlines and understand speaker registration policies.
  5. Follow up at the conference to make certain speakers have shown up and sessions run smoothly.

For more details, interested Division members will soon be able to access a recorded "getting started" call at the APA conference webpage but, for now, you can call or write the Division Chair, Tim Van Epp, if you want to express interest or have questions (contact information below).

World Town Planning Day Online Conference Liaison

The WTPD Online Conference Liaison serves on the WTPD Online Conference organizing committee on behalf of the International Division. This is an important and rewarding position that will give you the opportunity to collaborate with planning professionals from around the world. You must have a degree of time flexibility in order to accommodate meetings that are scheduled for attendees from around the world. It is possible for the meetings to be very early in the morning or late at night. The committee convenes every year around February or March and run until mid-November. The workload starts off light and increases as the conference date approaches. This position presents a tremendous opportunity to be involved in a major division initiative and to get to know many international planners and projects.

If you are interested in filling any of these positions or have any questions about volunteering with the International Division, please contact Division Chair Tim Van Epp at