Transportation Planning Division Paper Competition Previous Winners

2016 Winners

First Place

Bicycle Equity: The Equity of Access to Bicycle Infrastructure
Rachel Prelog, Texas A&M University

Second Place

Complete Streets on Indian Reservations: A Clear Need
Leonard Bonarek, Temple University

Third Place

An Evaluation of "Road Diet" Projects on Five Lane and Larger Roadways
Jack Cebe, Georgia Institute of Technology

2015 Winners

First Place

The Shrinking, Rural Intercity Bus Network: A Problem of Immobility for Rural Residents without Automobiles and Possible Solutions

Jeremiah Cox
Hunter College, The City University of New York

Runners Up

Transportation's Best Ideas for America's "Best Idea": The History of Alternative Transportation Funding in National Parks and Sustainable Funding Options for the Future

Casey Osborn

Land Value Capture for Mass Transit Finance: Strengthening the Land Use-Transportation Connection

Katie O'Sullivan
University at Albany, State University of New York

2014 Winners

First Place

Crossing a Contested River: Assessing Options for Trans-Hudson River Infrastructure by Considering Conflicting Politics, Funding Sources, and Lead Agencies

David Ginsberg
Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Second Place

Private Profit and Public Benefit in the Revitalization of Union Station

Jenny Kane
University of Illinois at Chicago

Honorable Mention

Relationship Building with Freight Railroads Critical to Support Intercity Passenger Rail Development

Kyle Bardo
University of Illinois at Chicago

2013 Winners

First Place

The Woonerf Concept, Rethinking a Residential Street in Somerville

Natalia Collarte

Tufts University
Adviser: Mark Chase

Second Place

Exploring a Framework for Transportation Justice: The Case of the Green Line Extension

Laura Gilmore O'Connor

Harvard University
Adviser: Joyce Klein Rosenthal

2012 Winners

First Place

Wasteful Parking Supply in East Harlem
(An Analysis of Parking Occupancy and Mode Usage at East River Plaza in New York City)

Kyle Gebhart

Adviser: Bob Noland
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Second Place

Transit in Metro Detroit: An Analysis of Problems and Solutions

Carsten Applegate

Adviser: Robin Boyle
Wayne State University

Honorable Mention

Shifting Gears: A Cross-Regional Analysis of Bicycle Facility Networks and Ridership

Jessica E. Schoner

Adviser: David Levinson
University of Minnesota

A Borrowed Model: Prompting Travel Behavior Change by Using Successful Models in Other Subject Areas

Meg Merritt

Adviser: Rachel Weinberger
University of Pennsylvania

2011 Winners

First Place

Expedited Project Deadlines & NEPA Compliance

Lacey Babcock

Adviser: Rachel Weinberger
University of Pennsylvania

Second Place

GIS Analysis of Population and Employment Centers in Metro Denver Served by RTD's FasTracks

Patrick Picard

Adviser: Brian Muller
University of Colorado Denver

Sustainability Analysis of Proposed High-Speed Rail Stations in Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

Chuyuan Zhong

Adviser: Mildred Warner
Cornell University

2010 Winners


White Flint: Intense Transit Oriented Development for the Suburbs

Seth Morgan
Florida State University

Second PLACE

A Methodology for Estimating Rideshare Market Potential, using the MIT Campus as a Case

Andrew Amey
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2009 Winners


Ridership and Development Density: Evidence from Washington, D.C.

Lilly Shoup
University of Maryland at College Park

Second PLACE

Complete Streets: A New Political Tool for Non-Motorized Transportation

Fay Cleaveland
University of Minnesota, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs

2008 Winners


Congestion Pricing on Doyle Drive

Laura Stonehill
University of California, Berkeley

Second PLACE

Analysis and Future Direction of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy

Philbert Wong
University of Southern California

Honorable Mention

The Elusive Connection between Density and Transit Use

Steve Hands
University of Illinois, Chicago

2007 Winners


Structured and Spontaneous: Informal and Formal Influences on Traffic Safety in Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Wendy Tao
University of California, Berkeley

Second PLACE

Transportation Implications of 'Towne Centre' Redevelopment in Hunt Valley, MD

Heather Strassberger
Rutgers University

Honorable Mention

Spatial Methodology for Assessing the Distribution of Transportation Impacts Using an Environmental Justice Framework

Nicholas Klein
University of Pennsylvania

SAFETEA-LU Earmarks in Minnesota: A Rural Advantage Minnesota's Other Growing Pork Industry

Michael Smart
University of California, Los Angeles