APA Ambassadors

APA Ambassadors are members of the American Planning Association who volunteer to increase awareness and understanding of the power and value that the planning profession brings to communities. Ambassadors strive to reach audiences of diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

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Ambassadors are eager to engage in collaborative experiences, so please explore this opportunity if you are an educator interested in bringing an Ambassador to your organization. Contact APA Customer Service for more information.

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Planning Camps

Next City Seattle

Next City is a summer camp for students who have completed the fifth grade. It is hosted by the University of Washington's Robinson Center for Young Scholars and meets for three weeks in Seattle. The camp incorporates interactive lectures, model building, group presentations, field trips, and a final project. Participants learn zoning principles and practice urban design with easily accessible online software.

Blog Post: One Planner's Experience as a Next City Instructor

CMAP Flip Camp

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning's FLIP Camp (Future Leaders in Planning) is a week-long summer program that takes high school students from Chicago's "collar counties" through an intensive survey of community and regional planning processes, field trips, and collaborative activities. The program culminates in a final presentation of team-focused projects in various areas of interest (e.g., land use, human services, or economic development). The program's goals are aligned with CMAP's regional master plan, ON TO 2050, and guides students' understanding of planning through the ON TO 2050 framework.

Chapter Materials

APA Florida

APA Florida has developed a series of teaching guides to help teach kindergarten through high school students about what planners do and to understand more about how their communities are planned.

Esri: Getting Started with GIS for Educators

As a global leader in the development of geographic information systems, Esri provides educators with tools, activities, and resources to bolster ideas and strengthen skills. "Getting Started with GIS for Educators" is a sequenced set of resources and activities to guide ArcGIS teachers and students to new mapping techniques, technologies, and pedagogical strategies.

Taking Planning into the Schools

The many dimensions of planning lend themselves to engaging young people in community life. Whatever the topic — the environment, city building, neighborhood life, or health — planning demonstrates how to create a community vision and solve problems.

Many planners see the local school as an opportunity to teach young people about planning. What does it take to develop a relationship with teachers and local school officials? Further, what kinds of programs work well for both the guest teacher/planner and the classroom teacher and students? In this free, 75-minute recorded webinar, hear from experienced educators and planners on how to take planning into the schools.