St. Louis County Continuous Strategic Planning/Spark Innovation in your Planning Process

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Thursday, October 19, 2017
9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. CDT

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Long-range strategic plans are important to set direction for communities, however, often communities struggle with implementation and measuring results.  In 2015, St. Louis County made an effort to initiate continuous strategic planning by collaborating with departments and identifying a strategic path forward for the county.  The result is a data-driven roadmap with four focus areas: residents; communities; opportunities; and governance.  

This session will focus on sharing St. Louis County’s story of the Impact initiative – our interdepartmental strategic development process, how we investigate and use data to drive conversation and decision making, and some of the most impactful implementation that has resulted from department collaboration.  Attendees will understand data-driven decision making and how to utilize community indicator data; learn strategies to incorporate strategy development and data into meetings with colleagues and public officials; be more strategic in project planning and development to identify where collaboration and data could enhance service to public.

Spark is St. Louis County’s continuous improvement initiative, which equips employees with the skills and tools necessary to inspire innovations that yield impactful results. “Spark Innovation in your Planning Processes” will introduce the Spark mindset to Planners. Using a combination of examples and hands-on exercises, participants will learn basic continuous improvement tools and ways to implement results back at their respective agencies.

Attendees will identify wastes and value add/non-value add steps in their day-to-day processes and systems; communicate issues effectively to colleagues, both within your Planning agency and larger organization; brainstorm and implement improvements of existing processes (challenge the status quo!).




Andria Nelson

Invited Speaker

Andria Nelson is the Senior Continuous Improvement Analyst with St. Louis County’s Office of Strategy + Innovation (S+I). Andria has a master’s in Regional and Community Planning from Kansas State University. Motivated to spark curiosity and change “the way we’ve always done things”, Andria champions Spark, the ... Read More

Amy Humboldt

Invited Speaker

Amy Humboldt is the Senior Strategy + Performance Analyst with St. Louis County’s Office of Strategy + Innovation. Amy holds a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Florida Atlantic University and a bachelor’s degree from Saint Louis University. Amy leads St. Louis County’s strategic planning and ... Read More

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