Making the Case & Space for Street Trees

APA Missouri Chapter


Thursday, October 19, 2017
11 a.m. - noon CDT

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This session will present street trees as critical green infrastructure and help attendees better articulate the need for right-of-way trees. We will discuss the most current research showing the value of street trees in a community and what tree benefits resonate with different audiences. Tools and resources will be presented to demonstrate how to calculated the impact of street trees on a project and how to document landscape performance metrics.

Even though clear evidence suggests incorporating trees into streetscapes adds value, many cities resist planting trees in the rights-of-way, citing real concerns related to cost, infrastructure conflicts, long term maintenance, and more. This session will address the reality of planning for trees and break down the road blocks to street tree establishment. There will be a series of polls to engage the audience and expose the group’s primary challenges and experiences.

Finally, through local and regional examples, the audience will learn the pros and cons of various street tree strategies.


Meridith Perkins

Invited Speaker

Meridith McAvoy Perkins works as a consulting arborist and urban forester for Davey Resource Group; she also manages the Urban Forestry Consortium to help cities in the St. Louis region collaborate and share resources. Meridith has spent over 15 years helping clients across the country better understand, care for, and ... Read More

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